Keeping Your Family Cold & Flu Free

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As many of you know our family has been riddled with sickness this past month from strep, to pneumonia, to bronchitis and sinus infections! It seems that every year when school starts the germs come out of hiding and hit everyone!! Here are a few suggestions to help keep your family cold and flu free!

Teach your children how to properly wash their hands! This is HUGE! And teach them to wash them a lot!! Show them how to not only wash the palm of their hands but the top of their hands and even in between each finger!! Wipe down surfaces at public places especially in the “sick” season and sanitize your house on a regular basis!
Teach your children how to prevent spreading germs by covering their mouth/nose when sneezing and coughing. Even my two year old knows how to cover his mouth when he is coughing or sneezing. Explain to your kids WHY this is important in helping to prevent the spreading of germs.
Get good sleep! Getting a good amount of sleep at night is vital to helping your body stay healthy. Explain to you kids that your body works hard during the day to keep running properly and fight illnesses and letting it rest at night will help them stay healthy!
Eat nutritious balanced meals. I can’t stress how important it is to eat healthy. I know, I run out and eat on the go as much as anyone else, but feeding your family with food that provides good nutrition, vitamins, and minerals will help it to run properly.
If your family gets flu shots (we do not for personal reasons) make sure to get them as soon as possible to have the best chance at combating the flu. Not only will doing all of these help you and your family to stay healthy, but you will be helping other kids and other families stay healthy by preventing the spread of your germs to them.

When you DO get sick keep washing your hands regularly!! Just because you are sick doesn’t mean you can’t pick up other germs!! Try natural remedies like a Neti Pot, sinus irrigation, hot steamy showers, vapor rub, or saline spray to help combat nasal congestion. When all else fails, know when it’s time to see the doctor. We have the tendency to try and feel better as long as possible before we go to the doctor when we’re absolutely miserable!

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  1. Wise Owl Factory says:

    The class will have much better attendance if your tips are followed, and it will also help families at home. I had no idea there was a rebate for the flu shot! Thanks for the tips, Carolyn

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