Preparing for a Quick Meal Helps Save Money #GLADMomMade

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As you guys know in just a few days I will be heading out to the BlogHer conference in New York City which means I will be leaving my husband and kids to fend for themselves in a house full of, well, boxes! Most of you also know we are moving from Florida to Iowa the same weekend I am at BlogHer. So I was absolutely THRILLED when GLAD® Food Storage offered me a #GLADMomMade kit to help me get things ready while I was gone! They sent some of their awesome FreezerWare containers along with tortillas, enchilada sauce and diced peppers. I threw in some cooked chicken, cheese, and diced tomatoes, then popped it all in the freezer so that my family could just pull out a super quick dinner to heat up and eat! Not only was it easy to prepare ahead of time but it also saved us money by not being tempted to eat out when my family was already tired!

In fact Glad has some super cute back to school lunch ideas!

What are some of your favorite pre-prep freezer meals to make?

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