Nature Canvas Crafts – Inventive Art from Nature

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Now that fall is upon us and the weather is cooling off around the country more of us are being dragged outside by our kids! Just kidding – we definitely spend more time outside this time of year because for us in Florida it’s not so stinkin’ hot!! Not only do we go to the park a lot more often (that’s where my kids are right now with my husband!) but we also visit the nature parks, zoos, and other outdoor activities more often. I found some fantastic canvas art craft ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you. If you watch the Michael’s Craft store sales you can pick up canvases very cheap. They make great craft projects and even better gifts!! The last time we bought some they were all about $1 per 2 pack which is a steal for a blank canvas!
This is actually shown on a piece of paper but you can make beautiful leaf print college art on canvas as well! She used watercolor above but I suggest trying out different mediums to see what you like best!
This beautiful brightly colored canvas was made by mixing white vinegar, food dye, and water and then dying pumpkin seeds and popcorn kernels which were then glued onto the canvas. What a neat idea!! You can also go hunting for small pebbles, paint them with acrylic and do the same thing! Make sure the rocks are not too big, however, because they might not hold well on the canvas!
Now this is a beautiful project for older children to do! Dry some old moss or grass (make sure there are no bugs!) or buy some fake ones at the craft store. Collect twigs from outside and also make sure they are dried as well. Then let the child paint the background as they wish and use a hot glue gun with supervision to create their own nature scene. The scene above also includes lights which is a really cool idea but to be honest I think it would look beautiful even without the lights!
These are just a few ideas that I spotted on Pinterest to really get your children’s creative juices flowing!! If you do make a nature canvas this year please send me a picture and I’d be happy to share it here on my blog!!

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