Emoji Movie Cookie Recipe Tutorial + Emoji Fidget Spinner List

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The Emoji Movie is coming out soon – for better or for worse! I’m not sure what it is about these bright yellow little guys but my kids are crazy about them.

Emoji Movie Cookies Tutorial + Emoji Fidget Spinners List

Whether you love it or hate it below I’ve included an easy Emoji Movie Cookie recipe you can whip up with your kids and of course, an Emoji Fidget Spinner roundup. Just click the image of the Emoji Fidget Spinner to be taken to it’s product page.

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Emoji Cookie Ingredients:

Emoji Cookie Instructions:

  1. Line your counter with a piece of wax paper for easy clean upEmoji Oreo Recipe
  2. In a plastic or glass bowl melt your candy melts according to package instructions. I usually do about 15 seconds in my microwave, stir, 15 seconds, etc. until it is melted completely. Store the extra candy melts in a ziploc bag.Emoji Oreo Recipe
  3. Drop your Oreo cookie into the melted candy.  Spoon some candy melt on top.  Once coated, place on your wax paper. Using a fork might make it easier for you to transfer your cookie onto the wax paper.Emoji Oreo Recipe
  4. Using the candies, add your eyes and/or mouth if your emoji of choice has them.  
  5. Allow the candy melt coating to harden – it begins forming pretty fast.Emoji Oreo Recipe
  6. Draw any other facial expressions using your decorating gel.  (Tip: Use decorating gel.  The edible pens don’t work well on the candy coating.)Emoji Oreo Recipe
  7. Allow the gel to set and you’re ready to serve! Get creative and make all sorts of faces! 

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