Little Grass House Project

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Oooh how cool is this?? I found this neat idea (and photo) on Disney’s Family Fun site. I am REALLY interested to see how well it works – have any of you done this before? Basically you build a little house out of sponges using a hot glue gun to keep it together, and then lightly spray the sponges with water. Generously put grass seed on the tops of the damp sponges.
Place a see-thru plastic container over top of it for a greenhouse effect allowing a small amount of air in through the bottom or top, and mist lightly as needed. You should be able to keep your house growing for a few weeks! Sometimes your local farmer feed stores will have very small bags of grass seed which is ideal if you don’t need a huge bag. I will have to look at our store the next time I go and try this out!!

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