Pasta Craft Ideas for Kids (Fine Motor & Sensory)

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There are an endless amount of pasta craft ideas for kids that are cheap – but sometimes you need to be in a bit of a creative mood to think of them! Below are some very simple pasta craft ideas along with related fine motor skills and sensory idea Pinterest boards to browse through!

I love using pasta for kid’s crafts – mainly because it tends to be a very inexpensive craft idea! Pasta is awesome for crafts and of course for dinner – so it’s a great way to keep the kids occupied while you’re prepping dinner for the family.

Any time I make spaghetti I will be finding noodles for weeks! It’s seriously a sanity hazard!

Pasta Kid’s Craft Ideas for Fine Motor Skills & Sensory

1. Use pasta to create shapes.
Especially if your kiddo isn’t great at drawing (or hates it!) using thin pieces of pot-sized spaghetti noodles is an awesome idea for not only encouraging fine motor skills but also to learning shapes.

Kids can glue it onto the paper or simply lay the pasta noodles down. If you have older kids they can use shapes to create other things like bugs, monsters, etc.

If your kids are older you can also use pasta for engineering different structures and designs! Note that it can break easily so may be frustrating for younger children.

DSC_0017 (3)

2. Use pot-sized pasta to enhance pictures! Paint for more sensory input!
There is a LOT you can do with this! You can either draw or print coloring pages (like my lion above) and the kids can glue their pot-sized pasta to create a mane around the lion, stems for flowers, etc.

It’s easy to paint over the noodles after the glue has dried! Depending on your kiddo you can use finger paint for more of a sensory experience or just a paint brush!

3. Use pot-sized pasta for themed crafts! 
This idea can be used for creating 3-D structures as well as simply glued down to paper depending of course on the age/ability level of the child. For the above craft we were talking about Abraham Lincoln and decided to recreate his log cabin with pasta!

Once the glue dries the kids want to finger paint brown on it so that it looks more like a log cabin!

4. And don’t forget about using pasta for letters and numbers! 
This is a FUN way for kids to learn how to spell their name or practice simple sight words. It’s a fabulous way to keep working on fine motor skills but also practice letters and numbers as well.

It’s perfect for my son who did not really enjoy practicing letters – this provides a more tactile way to have fun with learning!


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