National Geographic Kid’s Ultimate Weird but True Book Review

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Do you love National Geographic? Do you love strange but true facts? Then you’ll LOVE National Geographic’s Kid’s Ultimate Weird but True book! And it’s not just for kids – it’s something that I would buy just for me! When we first received it my husband and I sat down and spent hours at night just flipping through the pages and reading about unusual and interesting facts and animals!
One fact I learned which seems so wild is that this tiny itty bitty little pistol shrimp is LOUDER than  a blue whale!!! Isn’t that crazy! How could a tiny shrimp be SO loud? If you have a child who is struggling in reading, this is a fantastic book to give him/her for Christmas. Not only is it filled with incredible and quirky facts but the layout is simple and uncluttered with bright clear pictures. It is a very attractive book and really catches your eye…then captivates your interest!

Throughout the book there are charts and diagrams that compare different animals – it’s really quite fascinating because you can try to guess which animals run faster, jump higher, weigh more, etc. My husband and I were even surprised at some of the answers!

From bizarre animals to unusual facts this book is sure to keep you busy reading for hours! I highly recommend this as a classroom/homeschool resource, for kids who are struggling in reading as this will really captivate their interest, and even just having it as a coffee table book! It is sure to start conversations and you can learn SO many new wild and crazy facts too!

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* And for the kids — Quiz Your Noodle with the Ultimate Weird But True online quiz

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