My Son is Going to K-4!!

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This back to school season is HUGE for me. For several different reasons really, but the most important is that my 4 year old is headed off to K-4!! I am SO excited for him! In fact I’m slightly relieved at a bit of a break from his energy – shhhhh – don’t tell him! My sweet son is SO incredibly energetic, as most four years old are, but he also has problems interacting socially particularly in a larger setting, like in a classroom. So for the first few months he will only be going three hours a day. I am REALLY hoping he’ll adjust well and that we can do a full day- mommy needs a break!! 🙂
Not only is this back to school season a big deal for my family because of my son going to K-4, but for me personally it is a big deal because in just a few weeks it is the one year “blogoversary” for “Surviving a Teachers Salary”!! It has been almost an entire year since I’ve been blogging and I love it! The Back 2 School bash I’ve been hosting is HUGE for me and is definitely a great start to even better things to come! Not to mention that I just got back from the BlogHer conference – a lot of really exciting things coming up during this back to school season for our family!
To help my son prepare for his first time in school this year, we have been driving him past his new school building almost every day for the last week so he can see what it will look like. It’s sad really – he’s petrified the other children will laugh at him! So our back to school routine this year is really just getting him comfortable with the idea of being in a larger classroom setting. That is our focus right now. Since he’s in K-4 he doesn’t need many supplies and he won’t need a uniform. Every night we take him by his new school, and bring a special treat along the way to congratulate him on this exciting adventure! We just had our parent/teacher orientation and he was able to actually go inside his new school and meet his teachers and a few classmates!
Any tips from parents or teachers for us preparing my son for K-4? He already knows how to read, knows his numbers- all that academic jazz. I’m definitely not worried about him learning booksmart materials. I just want him to make a few friends, and learn how to handle disappointment when someone doesn’t want to be his friend. I know the best experience is by it actually happening, but I’m a mom and don’t want to see my little boy sad either! I’d love some advice from you moms or teachers with younger kids who have “been there done that”!

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  1. the teachers we've had are great at socializing and talking the kids through conflict. Thomas does well academically (not as well as YOURS!) but doesn't catch all the social cues that other kids see. I think your little guy will be great and will LOVE the academic structure!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to your son…he'll probably do better than you think. Kids will surprise us all the time.

  3. I'm sure he'll have a great time! We're sending our daughter to a new daycare this year (she just missed the pre-K cutoff), and we're doing the same thing with her! She's getting excited about it!

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