Our CHEAP Family Treat Night!

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We are at the time in our lives right now when every penny has to be pinched and saved. I know many of you guys are in the same spot! Bills are super tight and it doesn’t look like things will be better for a while without a major change for our family. BUT with that also comes the aura of having no money – and even the youngest of kids can easily pick up on that. Even though things are tight it is still nice to go out on a family date. One of our favorite CHEAP family dates is to load up in the car – each of us with a cup and spoon, and drive to the local gas station for one of their Slush Puppies (or ICEES depending on where you go! We get one of the largest slushies we can find (because after all, feeling like you’re out on a splurge is part of the solution!!) and split it between our 4 cups. Now our kids are little so we don’t need a ton of course. SO tonight (SH! The kids don’t know yet!) we are loading up and enjoying a yummy cold family treat! I can hardly wait till hubby gets home and dinner is done because I know the secret!!
We used to stop by Rita’s Italian Ice which is one of our favorite places, but even getting only 2-3 cups and splitting it we were dropping at least $5 each time. Stopping at Target for small individual ICEE’s cost about $1.25 each which again, puts us at about $5 a trip. The only other great place we have found for under $2 to share is the ICEE’s at Sam’s Club but of course you need to have a membership there to enjoy it! What do you do with your family when you are extra tight on money but need a family splurge?

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  1. Adelina Priddis says:

    We splurge on a $5 pizza, or for a treat we get 25cent ice cream cones at the local grocery store.

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