Feisty First Ladies Book Review

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Feisty First Ladies
Other Unforgettable White House Women
by Autumn Stephens

When I first took this book out of the envelope I was quite shocked as I was not expecting it! (as maybe you weren’t either when you saw this post!) As I began to flip through the book it really peaked my interest! Feisty First Ladies is quite the gallery collection of our countries First Ladies and their more “taboo” side! And not always in a bad way- these are some shocking documentations of our presidents wives! 
If you are looking for an interesting read to learn things about our president’s wives in a new light, you’ll definitely want to check this book out! 
Did you know in the 1700’s that Martha Washington shocked people by riding on a horse, or aggressively seeking her first husband? (Yep- she was married more than once!) 
What about President Lincoln’s wife Mary? Learn about her self-indulgent shopping sprees! 
Or uptight Edith Roosevelt, or her daughter who was known for smoking? 
How about the luxurious life of Mamie Eisenhower, who refused to get out of bed a minute earlier than NOON???
Was Nancy Reagan really that well loved?
Learn all about our first ladies and their taboo nuances- a look into the reality of our past First Ladies! I was definitely interested as I read this book. I have never read anything quite like it, and I just couldn’t get over giggling at the cover of the book! It was actually rather nice to be reminded that even our president’s wives are not the perfection the media makes them out to be! And as we all secretly like learning about someone else’s dirty little secrets- this book is full of them! Definitely a different look at history than I had ever thought of. 
You are SURE to get an interesting read!!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I did receive a free book to read. All opinions are mine.

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