Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Beach Toys Review

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I’m sorry these photos of the Melissa & Doug beach toys are SO SO tiny but I published this review 8 years ago!! But guess what?! We still have every single one of these beach toys, 3 kids later, and we still love them! Every single one of my kids have absolutely adored these as our best beach toys ever!

Melissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toys

Melissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toys
I received four toy sets from the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch beach toys set that we surprised the boys with and took them to the beach this past weekend! The top left picture is the Clicker Crab Pail and Shovel, next to it is the Seaside Sidekicks Sand-Molding Set. The bottom left is the Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set, and lastly the Seaside Sand Cupcake Set.

Melissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toys

The first thing I noticed (other than the fun bright colors!) was how extremely sturdy the toys were. I tried to squeeze all of the cupcake molds and they were not flexible at all. I couldn’t believe how strong they were to not even bend. Being in Florida our sand toys take a huge amount of abuse. I was happy to know that these would not be cracking or breaking anytime soon! I was very impressed with the strength of them- so much so that I made everyone try to squeeze the toys to see if anyone else could bend them (they couldn’t!). Above you can see my boys playing with the Clicker Crab Pail and Shovel.
The sand bucket is very strong which is perfect for filling the bucket up with water and sand at the beach. The handles are securely attached and will not be easy to break off! There’s nothing worse when carrying around sand pails and then their carry handles break off! (which is usually what happens to the cheap sand toys we buy!) For the amount of money we’ve spent on cheap sand toys, and having to re-buy them because they break so easily- I will definitely be looking for Melissa and Doug sand pails next time! Definitely worth the cost. This set retails for about $9.99.
Melissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toys
Next were my personal favorite- the Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set. It comes all inside a mesh carry bag which is perfect for toting around the toys at the beach! I was SO thankful to have a mesh bag for all of the pieces! It also comes with the cupcake tray, four cupcake molds, four cupcake toppers (fish, starfish, crab, turtle), a cupcake molder, and an icing tool. I loved the idea that kids could “bake” at the beach or in their sandbox at home. Normally you think of sand toys as just pails and shovels so I was thrilled to see a more creative spin on the sand toys. My boys loved making their own sand cupcakes and decorating them with the different sand mold toppers.
Melissa & Doug beach toys
The next set we played with was the Seaside Sidekicks Sand Molding Set. It came with turtle, starfish, fish, crab, and seahorse sand molds. You can see my son playing with the turtle mold above. Since we had so many other sand toys to play with, this set was mostly used during our trip as castle decorators!! You can see some of our sand castle pictures below.

Melissa & Doug beach toys
The last set we received was the Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set which was the perfect match to the sand cupcake set!! It came with a “pot” and this turtle lid shown above, as well as a crab spoon, whisk, and three nesting measuring cups. All of the items fit inside of the pot for storage. I love that the lid can sift sand which is great for searching for shells! In fact there is a beach a few hours away from us that is famous for all of the shark teeth you can find on the beach and I can’t wait to take the turtle sand sifter lid to that beach! My kids used this set with the cupcake set. They “mixed” their sand batter with the whisk, scooped it out with the measuring cups and baked it in their cupcake molds.


Melissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toysMelissa & Doug beach toys
We had an absolute blast with these Melissa and Doug sand toys. Even mom and dad loved these toys as they will last for years instead of just half of the summer! They are definitely worth the investment! I was and am still very impressed with these Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch beach toys. I was surprised at how excited I could get over beach toys! Each set retails for $9.99-$14.99. We absolutely loved the sturdiness of the Clicker Crab pail- I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a sturdier pail so that is a must buy if you need a sand pail. Although the prices do add up a bit I also highly recommend the sand cupcake set and the sand baking set. I don’t know that I could pick one set over another as they complement each other perfectly. Especially if you have more than one child to share the toys with there are worth the investment.
Melissa & Doug beach toys
 The sand molding set is cute and it matches everything else, but if I had to pick something to buy it would definitely be the cupcake and baking sets and the Clicker Crab Pail. And you don’t have to buy them just for a beach. We plan on using these toys year-round in the backyard in our sandbox or even in the dirt. It would be a fun addition in a daycare center as well.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received the products shown above in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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