Simple Caterpillar Egg Carton Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Check out the friendly caterpillar my son made! It was very simple and quite inexpensive – perfect for your sensory loving toddler and preschooler! Most of you will probably have the materials needed in your house! All you’ll need is an egg carton, paint (I recommend washable!),  googly eyes and a pipe cleaner.
First you’ll need to cut up your egg carton as shown below-just cut the cups out. It doesn’t really matter how many you leave in the row- we left 4 sections together- you can make yours longer or shorter!
Paint away! I prefer acryilic personally but for when my kids paint I used a washable tempura paint. It takes a little longer to dry and isn’t as dark but it is an easier clean up for them! After your caterpillar is dry you can either glue on googly eyes or draw some on with a marker! Poke a hole through one side for pipe cleaner antennae if you’re adding some and put in place.
My youngest son LOVES anything art-related- as you can see below he was more involved in painting his feet and arms than painting his caterpillar! 🙂
This is a SUPER easy spring craft that you can pair up with anything from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to simple lessons on learning numbers (cut out as many egg carton “humps” as the number lesson you are working on!). Start collecting egg cartons NOW so you’ll have plenty in the spring!

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