Boost Your Child’s Social Skills

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Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys put up a fantastic blog post yesterday about how to help boost your childs social skills. Whether your child is gifted, autistic, non-verbal, handicapped, or just plain needs help with their social skills- her article is very informative and very true! One of the biggest helps for my oldest son has been his social skills classes. It’s basically like a play therapy class with 1 other child and an instructor. In just 2 meetings we noticed HUGE differences in his behavior. Whether you have a child that needs help or you are a teacher I highly suggest you check out her informative article. This would make great suggestions to parents of children who need extra help in the social skills area!

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  1. I agree with you. Hartley's list of 9 social strategies that have worked for her was wonderful. Social skills are very difficult to teach and yet are critical for children. Without at least one friend, children are more susceptible to depression and more. Hartley's post is one of 17 that was written in response to a request from S-O-S for the Best of the Best on social and play skills. Read more here

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