Make Your Own Ocean or Monster Bath!

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My kids have always loved bath time since day 1, but this is a great idea if your child is leery of the bath. When my oldest son was 1 year old and we wanted to do something fun I would offer for him to take an Ocean Bath, or even a Monster Bath! All you need is food dye! Just run their bath water like you normally would, and add about 10 drops of food coloring in it! (No- it won’t turn their skin colors!! It’s too diluted for that.) And voila- a fun bath! For an ocean bath just add blue food dye & animal toys as seen below….. for a monster bath add green food dye, etc. I think we even did an “elmo bath” with red dye once… Make up your own type of bath depending on what your child is obsessed with at the moment! This picture is of a very light colored bath. I have done colors so dark you can’t see to the bottom and my son has never gotten stained!



Here is our ‘murky’ monster bath from a few years ago:

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  1. What a fun idea! We used to buy the Crayola bath color tablets but they are too expensive now. I have always wondered about using food coloring but was afraid I would end up with "Smurfs" when the bath was over..HA! Thanks for sharing this and our 5 yr old will love bath times now for sure.

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