The Lorax the Movie – Was it Worth it?

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As a special treat for our family we purchased tickets to see the Lorax through one of the daily deals. My boys had only been to a theatre once before and we didn’t tell them about our little excursion – just that we were going to do something fun. When my son found out that we were not only going to a movie theatre but that we were also going to see The Lorax he was PSYCHED! 

Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer you can watch it below:

Our family very rarely goes to the movie theater for the simple fact that it is expensive and a luxury we cannot afford. It really isn’t a big deal and with Redbox and Netflix there are SO many other cost effective options for watching movies. But when we do spend the money to go out as a family we want to make sure it’s worth it!

My boys, ages 2 and 4 years old, sat through the entire The Lorax movie and loved it! My little guy got a bit squirmy at the end so I handed him a lollipop I had sneaked in and he was happy as can be! Although the story line strayed slightly from the book (not much but it did add pieces of the story together which were not in the book – I actually really liked it) it held true to the Dr. Seuss aura. The colors were bright and bold, the scenes full of vivid imagination, and there was even singing! In fact when it started out I was wondering if it would be a musical! (but it was not) The humming fish were hilarious which I was not expected. I fell in love with the little boy named Ted and the girl in the movie reminded me of Disney’s Tangled.

There was one song in the middle of the movie which was focused heavily on the greed of our economy and businesses which was definitely supreme in that part of the movie. It certainly took the greedy theme in the book to a musical extreme which I thought was a bit out of place for younger children watching it but my husband didn’t seem to mind so perhaps I’m being a bit picky! 

Overall it was a really cute movie. The kids and adults all seemed to really enjoy it and I am glad that we went to see it. It is a VERY well done film!

Have you seen it? I’d love to know what you thought about it! 

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  1. Penniless Teacher says:

    My sister took my nephew (7) and niece(5) and they LOVED it. Agreed that movies are super expensive. My sister rewards the kids with Slurpie Friday—saves the codes on the cups, redeems for free movie tickets!

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