Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Review

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Lincoln Logs

Every year I look for ways that I can gift my kids something that they can use and reuse over and over again – and anything that helps them with developmental skills is always a plus! I didn’t realize this until I received the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch set to review that I don’t think I’ve actually ever played with Lincoln Logs – nor have my kids! I certainly know what Lincoln Logs are but never in my life had we ever had a set until now – and I love them!! I found them to be MUCH easier to follow directions on than other building sets! The Redfield Ranch set is exclusively at Toys R Us this holiday season and includes 124 real wood log piece, figures, building pieces, and comes in an AWESOME storage container!

I received a huge box of materials to review and the Lincoln Logs were the first set we pulled out. Both my 4 year old and 6 year old were SO excited about this set – but in the end my 6 year old held the most interest in it. It was considerably easier to set up and follow directions compared to other building sets we use, and my son was easily able to slide the ranch house around on the tablet so it was pretty sturdy and does not fall apart easily.

The doors, windows, and roof are just ingenious – it’s an easy plastic piece that slides right into the “holes” left in between the logs. It was SO easy to slip in that my youngest had no problems doing it. It’s loose enough for wiggle room but never falls out. It definitely wouldn’t be frustrating for kids whose fine motor skills are still developing as you have a little bit of wiggle room to add the windows and door. Plus actually building the Lincoln Logs is very simple as they just lay on top of the grooves. You don’t have to fit the pieces into tight spaces  either.

Check out that big storage tub that it comes with!! I know, it’s pretty big, but it’s a sturdy plastic container with a lid on top that snaps down, which means the kids could probably roll this thing all over the place and nothing would ever fall out. It’s fabulous for storing the pieces!!

The back side of the ranch (if you follow the directions) is left open so the kids can play “inside” the house on one side and play in the stockyard (front of the ranch) on the front side.

The great thing about Lincoln Logs is that it’s one of those sets that you can pass down to your children’s children – it’s sturdy and you would have to try REALLY hard to break one of these little logs. Or have a very playful chewing puppy! Not to mention that it would be pretty hard to loose the pieces with such a tight storage container.

And the great thing is of course that kids don’t have to follow the directions to play with these. They can get creative and come up with their own ideas – and it doesn’t even have to be a house! My son built a big cattle trailer when we were done building Redfield Ranch!

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