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Letter Learning Fun - LeapFrog Word Whammer Review

Although the LeapFrog Word Whammer is geared for Kindergarten Prep with over 100+ word building activities and phonics skills my 6 year old son who reads (1st grade) is LOVING the Word Whammer. This has been fantastic for him to help strength and reinforce the words he knows, and even adds in some new words for him to sound out and learn! For under $20 on Amazon the Word Whammer is a fantastic literacy tool that will grow with your kids from preschool through about 2nd grade depending on your child’s reading level (maybe longer if you have a struggling reader).

Letter Learning Fun - LeapFrog Word Whammer Review

What I REALLY like about the Word Whammer other than the fact that it’s highly educational and fun is that the blue “handle” my son is holding actually twists and turns around so it’s more interactive than just pressing buttons. My son is making a rocket fly across the screen there which you can tell he just loves!

Letter Learning Fun - LeapFrog Word Whammer Review

You can work on letter skills, letter sounds, word building, and other phonics skills on 5 different levels. It doesn’t take much room to store and honestly it just gets tossed in my kid’s toy box – it’s quite sturdy! It definitely can take a bit of a beating and I don’t expect it would break easily.

Letter Learning Fun - LeapFrog Word Whammer Review

I’ve actually been waiting to post my review until TODAY – why?! Because today my kids have a half day of school due to some out of town teacher trainings so we are hitting the road at lunch time. Want to guess what’s coming with us? Our Word Whammer! It’s the PERFECT road trip tool for my kids to have fun with in the car while still working on their phonics and word building skills. I know when my boys were toddlers/preschool aged we would have stored this in the car for road trips and I’m betting that my son will be squirreling it away to do the same even though he’s 6. He loves it!

Final thoughts? For the price totally worth it! Kids will engage with it because it’s electronic and it’s fun. You have one shot to help your kids learn when they are younger so I use every tool in my arsenal. Every one that they’ll eagerly engage with that is!



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