Learn to Count to 100 Flannelboard Activity Set Review

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National School Supply is a great resource for anyone involved with children but especially for teachers and homeschoolers! I had the opportunity to review the Learn to Count to 100 Flannelboard Activity Set which I was really excited about since teaching my son to count to 100 was on my to-do list this year!!
This set comes with fsix fishbowl flannelboards (12×12 inches), lots of fish ( 5 colors and 4 sizes for each species) and a teacher guide – a total of 106 pieces. The fish come in sheets of punchout cards which were very simple to punch out.
They are laminated and have a special material on the back of the fish which enables it to easily stick to the flannelboard. The fishbowls are also laminated with the “inside” of the fishbowl being covered with felt.



I don’t know what it is about fish but they are mesmerizing to watch! I loved all of the different species and colors of fish that came in this set. When I first opened the box I really was impressed with the quality of the fish and bowls. They certainly look like they will put up with some pretty serious abuse! It is listed as ages 4 and up which I think is very appropriate!


I loved that included a whole packet of worksheets to help guide your activities! These were great supplements as I planned activities to do with my son.


I loved that these flannelboards are a hands-on activity that the children can participate with. My son is a hands-on learner, and there are enough flannelboards to use in a classroom group setting, or simply to use at home. There are a HUGE amount of activities you can do with these boards.
You can start using them by teaching your children to count. Counting fish is a lot more exciting than simply looking at numbers to count. Since my son already knows his numbers and basic counting skills we moved on to several new activities.
First we did some simple counting as a warm up. We also worked on understanding what a group of four fish looked like. Recognition of numbers not only individually but as a group of items is an important reasoning skill.


You can even use these flannelboards as a sort of flashcard and time the kids on their responses. Fill the fishbowl full of fish and see if your child can correctly count the number of a specific color of fish, a specific species of fish, or even the number of fish facing a specific direction. Trying grouping them in sets of ten and teach your child about skip counting. You can also use this for the children to learn how to estimate!


One activity we did was place a pile of fish on the table and ask my son to find all of the fish facing a specific direction. This means looking through all of the colors and species and recognizing the pattern of direction in all of them.


Next we used two fishbowls side by side. On the first fishbowl we had two rows of fish. Four fish in the fish row and two fish in the next row. We asked him to then count the number of fish in each row and add them together. Once he got his number he was to count out that number of fish and place them on the second empty fish bowl. You can do this with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! You can even use it for fractions!
If you want a hands-on manipulative to use with your children or students for counting I highly recommend this Learn to Count to 100 Flannelboard Activity set!! You will not regret having this addition to your educational materials! It is only $20.92 at NationalSchoolSupply.com and is worth every penny!! I am very happy to have this set to work with my son on his counting and grouping skills!!
I can foresee a lot of uses for this set! My husband has already taken it to his classroom as he is planning several group projects and activities with this! He mentioned using it as a center activity where he can pre-make his fishbowls and ask the students to take turns at the center correctly answering the questions.
The only thing we would have loved to see with this set to further increase its variety of uses would be math signs to use such as a plus sign, minus sign, etc. But those are easy enough to make on your own as well.
National School Supply has generously offered for one of my readers to win their own “Learn to Count to 100 Flannelboard Activity Set”!

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