Best Kids Laser X Laser Tag System Product Review

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I received the below product to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own.

I have fond memories of playing laser tag with my youth group growing up and when I first saw the Laser X Laser Tag system my initial thoughts were “WAY COOL!” But I had my doubts that they would work as advertised. I mean what kid (or grown up kid!) wouldn’t want to have their own laser tag system at home?!

**SINCE this review we have spent our own money to purchase several more of these Laser X Laser tag systems for birthday parties and family outings and still LOVE THEM!**

Laser X Laser Tag game system

Laser X Laser Tag Price:

And for about $50 for a pair of them at Target or here on Amazon – it’s far cheaper than taking your family to a game or 2 of laser tag. (although you can buy the laser guns individually for about $25) Not to mention it will get your kids up off the couch and running around like crazy. I actually agreed to review them based on a review I saw online – I needed to see if they worked as well as they looked like they did in the promo video. Check it out!

Pretty awesome huh? I’ll come right and tell you that we LOVE the Laser X Laser Tag system for kids. LOVE it. It works incredibly well and in fact my husband and I are using our Christmas money from his grandma to purchase an additional set for our family so we can play with our kids while our toddler is sleeping at night.

AND so the kids can create memories playing laser tag with their cousins when we get together. This set is absolutely as cool as it is advertised to be. It “shoots” 200 feet which is a crazy distance! We actually since this review have bought several MORE laser tag sets and even did a laser tag party!

two boys playing laser x laser tag

My silly kids! They couldn’t contain their excitement when they opened up the box. It was really simple to pull out of the box and start using right away. Simply put on the harness with that green glowing box squarely on your chest and you’re ready to go!

My boys are 7 & 9 which are the PERFECT age for this set. And it is a product that will grow with them into adulthood or however long it lasts – it’s definitely not something they will get bored of!

close up of laser x laser tag system

Here’s a close up of the top of the receiver box that you strap onto your chest (which is highly adjustable by the way – both of my kids and my husband and I can all wear it comfortably and it fits). First let’s talk about the off switch with the red, blue, and red/blue dot.

Those options determine which team you are on while playing laser tag. Red and blue are different teams and the red/blue combo is a neutral free for all game which means there are no teams. Everyone plays against each other.

There IS a headphone jack which is a nice option but we haven’t tried it yet. The laser tag system is loud. If you’re quiet you can hear your opponents system talking to them which can give away your position.

Not a big deal for younger kids but I can absolutely see where older kids and adults would want the headphones.

two boys playing LaserX Laser Tag Game

I cannot tell you enough how much we LOVE this system. (Obviously enough to buy another set!!) My kids figured it out right away without even reading directions so it’s not difficult. The system urges you to keep moving (loudly!) if you are sitting for a lengthy time.

It countdowns your hits when you’re close to going out of the game. However if you can hide for one minute you’ll earn one of your lost lives back!

night vision photo of Laser X Laser Tag game

One thing to note about the laser guns is that it does not point a visible laser on your target like you would expect. It’s an infrared beam which is not visible – for safety reasons. Our property is about a 1/4 of an acre across and my boys had no problems shooting each other from across the yard.

It even shoots through windows – and it went right through our above ground pool walls!

night view of LaserX Laser Tag Game System

You can play during the day or at night but my kids prefer to go out at night – which of course makes it more difficult to get pictures! They go crazy with this Laser X laser tag set – it’s 100% worth the price and to be honest I think the price is really competitive for the high quality system.

It requires 6 AAA batteries (3 per system) which are not included. You can buy cheap AAA batteries here.

night view of LaserX Laser Tag Game System

This is my son trying to be “cool” – but I think he looks mad! You can see really well though how the gun lights up and the pack on his chest. The receiver pack on his chest will flash yellow when you’ve been hit and red when you’re completely out after 8 hits.

One tip my boys recommend when you’re starting out and getting set up indoors is for one of the kids to shoot the other kid so his/her pack will blink for 1 minute. That gives one of the kids enough time to run outside and hide and the child inside will earn his/her hit back since they are “hiding” for 1 minute.

Overall – I absolutely recommend Laser X Laser Tag. SO SO SO incredibly COOL and works just as awesome as it’s advertised. We’ve been extremely happy with the set and other than it being a bit loud (but remember there are headphones) or being able to spot people because of the glowing across the yard it is a perfect set up for kids, adults, and families!

How cool would this be for a birthday party?!

Buy Laser X Laser Tag HERE:

laser x laser tag game system

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