Intruiging People in History and the Mysteries that Surround Them

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I am always up for a good mystery, and to be honest you don’t need to look any further than your history book to find it! True, I am not a history buff at all but there have been several stories and people that have captured my interest.
1. The Colony of Roanoke – 1588
I’ve always had this secret desire to visit the last known location of the Roanoke colony and secretly discover what really happened to them. Crazy huh? Has anyone been there before? In case you don’t remember the story the village of Roanoke was one of the first colonies to settle from England – it was a harsh life to live. John Smith made his trip back to the colony, but when he arrived the colony was gone – and not just the people, but the houses, shelters, buildings – almost everything except for the word “Croatoan” scratched into a tree, a picket fence, a cannon, and a few small items misplaced. What happened to the colony? It seems that we may never know!
2. The Death of Adolf Hitler
Hailed as one of the most evil men in history (among a few others) there are many stories and rumors circulating around the actual death of this ruler. It seems the true story is so far buried we will never know the truth. The supposed body of Hitler was destroyed but with no proof that it was actually his. There are so many conspiracies in this story that it truly is an intriguing read!
3. The Death of King Tut
Being a nut about Egyptian history I am absolutely fascinated by the pyramids and other aspects of ancient Egyptian culture. If you don’t know the story about the boy King Tut google it and learn some more! It’s an interesting and intriguing story that I’m convinced one of these days we may find the answer to!
4. The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart
Another famous mystery of a female pilot apparently ‘lost’ near the Bermuda Triangle. Her story has become the object of many books and movies.
5. The Disappearance of Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie, an accomplished mystery novelist had a less than desirable homelife. After her mother passed away and her husband divorced her to dabble in his own affair one night Agatha Christie just disappeared – as mysterious as her novels. Even fellow novelists and psychics got involved! Eleven days later she was found, howbeit seemingly confused. To this day no one knows where she was or what she was doing! A true mystery that may never be solved!
6. The Assasination of John F. Kennedy
One of America’s most beloved presidents also brings along one of the most unanswered crimes in our country – which I find rather intriguing because he was such a well-loved president. There are so many conspiracy theories and books with this case it’s unbelievable. You can easily get swept away by all of the ideas and claims into this case.

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