Getting Creative Ideas with Penguins Activities for School

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I was delighted when my husband came home with these cute over-sized penguins to cut out – aren’t they cute?!?! You can use these any time of the year but he had his 2nd grade class use it as a holiday project.
The kids were able to decorate their own penguins however they wanted, then the wrote on their penguin’s tummy and back what they learned about penguins and their habitats. I’m thinking that you could free-draw these penguins and come up with tons of fabulous ideas for them!


You could put several of these together for the younger grades and have them make their own picture or story book. Older grades can research specific types of penguins and either write stories about their penguin or list all sorts of facts about what they have learned.


This is a simple outline about what his students learn about the habitat, food, life cycle, and baby penguin care.
Or you could simply have your kids write down all of the animals they can think of that start with the letter P! Let me know if you have any “cool” ideas to do with this penguin!!

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