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When my boys were little we easily incorporated learning simple math skills into our every day play. As the boys would pick up blocks I would count it for them….until they learned how themselves. When they asked for snacks I would give them a specific number of snacks that they could have – like 4 pretzels or 3 raisins. When cleaning up toys I assigned each child a different number of toys that they were responsible for…….such simple ways to incorporate math into your every day routine!


You guys know how much I love promoting educational contests so here is a great one that you can enter from Zorbits Math Adventure which is a new upcoming math app for children 3-5 years old to help them learn:
identifying shapes
recognizing colors
comparing amounts

THREE winners chosen randomly will receive a $100 gift card just for entering!! PLUS there are additional big prizes for the top winners whose idea gets the most votes from readers! The prizes include:

$200 Gift Card
iPad mini


SO how do you enter? Visit Zorbits Math Adventure’s Facebook page and share your idea there in 100 words or less! They are looking for inventive concepts to promote Home Learning Ideas such as handmade tools, different uses for objects around the home, different types of things that kids can count, etc. Why? Because early childhood learning is so vital! Best Boy Entertainment will be introducing an iOS app for children ages 3-5 in the middle of August. They promote creative home learning and share ideas from moms to encourage learning all year long! The deadline to enter the contest is Monday, July 29, 2013.

Want more info on Zorbit’s Math Adventure? Head over there and take a peek! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!



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