How Kids & Adults Can Build Chicago in One Day or LESS

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LEGO Architecture Chicago building set

LEGO has not only been a part of my childhood (and most of yours too!) but also my kids as well. We had never tried out a LEGO Architecture set though until recently. I always kind of drooled over them because I am pretty obsessed with travel so these worldwide landmarks and cities always made me smile inside. Not to mention how COOL they are to pair up with history and geography lessons!

How Kids & Adults Can Build Chicago in One Day or LESS

Since we just moved to Illinois I thought the LEGO Architecture Chicago building set was perfect for our family! Not only could we head downtown and see the skyscrapers but we could build them at home and display them too!

How Kids & Adults Can Build Chicago in One Day or LESS

Using visuals like these LEGO Architecture sets are a FANTASTIC way to offer another dimension of tactile learning. The LEGO Architecture Chicago set includes 444 pieces. What’s awesome about this particular piece is that it not only includes the historic downtown architecture but also new modern pieces of art. It features the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), John Hancock Center, Cloud Gate (AKA “The Bean”), DuSable Bridge, Wrigley Building and the Big Red. Even the Chicago River is represented there! And get this – the DuSable Bridge opens and closes!!

How Kids & Adults Can Build Chicago in One Day or LESS

Here are some fun ways to incorporate LEGO Architecture sets into your kid’s learning experience:

*Choose one set per month to research! Cook local meals, research nearby landmarks, flags, animals, and culture.

*Research the history of that specific landmark and create a diorama for your LEGO Architecture set to go inside of!

*Plan a road trip to a LEGO Architecture building set site and compare the differences in the real architecture.

Buy LEGO Architecture Chicago on Amazon here or on the LEGO website here.

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