Hilarious Pancake Hoarders Video!

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You guys may have caught this on my Facebook page the other day but it is too hilarious not to share again! With all the craziness of school starting for most of us- I know I sure needed a good laugh! One of the companies that I had the privelege to meet at BlogHer last weekend was DeWaffelbakkers – oh YUM! Believe it or not they sell frozen panackes that shhh! – taste like my husband’s homemade ones! No kidding! I actually asked the owner of the company if they microwaved our entire breakfast- I couldn’t believe it!! Above you can see me (on the left) with Jill from Musings from Me.They have just released a hilarious video called ”

Pancake Hoarders” which you just have to see! They are giving out cash prizes for new visitors who leave a comment on the video (let them know Surviving a Teachers Salary sent you!!) but seriously- it’s totally hilarious without the prizes! I first saw it last weekend and have been chuckling over it ever since! You can watch Pancake Hoarders here! Let me know what you think and I hope you get a good laugh!

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