What is the HearthSong HugglePod HangOut Review with Weight Limit

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It’s no secret here that we love HearthSong products and my kids have spent HOURS on their new HugglePod HangOut! In fact it has caught quite a bit of attention in our small town where everyone talks about everyone. The school kids have been whispering and asking what in the world is that thing in our front yard?

What is a HugglePod Hangout?

Well it’s a HugglePod HangOut of course! This 100% nylon canvas circus tent looking thing is an amazingly sturdy sensory pod “swing” for lack of better term. It has three circle windows for the kids to peer out of, a flappy door which can be rolled up and velcroed back (as you see above) and a big plushy cushion that is inserted into the bottom of the HugglePod HangOut. It  fills up the inside so that kids can nicely sit on the bottom. The pod comes in one large piece and other than hanging it all we needed to do was stuff the bottom with the plushy cushion and insert metal hoops inside the pod for reinforcement. Although the hanging hardware is not included it was very simple to set up. We just used a heavy duty rope and a metal connector. In just a few minutes we had it up and hanging!

What is the Weight Limit of the HugglePod HangOut?

It holds up to 250 pounds so I can even crawl inside this thing! We had ours for years until we fatefully left it outside one extremely harsh Iowa winter. The chains we had it on froze to the tree and then sadly it just didn’t make it past that year. But we used to have 6 school kids crawl in this thing and go crazy in it after school!

How Tall is the HugglePod HangOut?

As you can see the HugglePod HangOut  is almost as tall as my husband is! In fact when I’m standing on the ground I can barely hold it up high enough to get it off the ground – it is extraordinarily huge!

My kids run home from school each day and spend quite a chunk of time outdoors in their HugglePod – even on the cold days! Right now we have it hanging in the tree out front since the material is weather resistant and machine washable but in the winter when it’s really cold we will be mounting it in our basement since it can also go indoors. I will warn you, however, if you plan to have it indoors you WILL need a lot of room! This thing is huge!

You can see how big it is because I often lose my kids in it! I cannot always tell if they are in their HugglePod HangOut  just by looking because it’s so big it hides them inside! We have received SO many positive comments about this now that practically everyone in town knows about it!

How many Kids fit inside a HugglePod?

I would definitely say that it would very easily hold at least 4 smaller children and maybe even 5 (granted they were under the weight limit of course).

If you are looking for a way to draw your kids outside just put up one of these! It’s totally a kid magnet! In fact I’ve told all the kids at the school they are welcome to come hang (quite literally!) in my front yard anytime they want! My oldest son who is a sensory seeker even lays down with his head hanging on the ground and spins it around. (of course do this at your own risk!) But if you’ll notice how low we hung it to the ground it certainly wouldn’t hurt much if they fell out. My kids like to horseplay so you know someone is bound to fly out of the opening! 🙂

How long did our HugglePod survive?

My kids have just had an absolute blast in their HugglePod HangOut  from HearthSong! I don’t know any child who wouldn’t like it! You can purchase separately a stand to use instead of hanging it from the tree if you do not have anything to hang it on. There are also LED light strands that you can hang inside for some extra fun! I highly recommend this HugglePod. It is worth the investment to purchase and will last a very long time. I absolutely love that you can wash this and that it’s made for outdoors which means it’s so much easier to clean. Not to mention that it will help get your reluctant child out of the house and spending more time outdoors!

We’ll bring it inside during the winter and leave it outdoors in the summer. (simply because my kids will get more use out of it inside when it’s cold out) The HugglePod HangOut is one of those items that’s worth purchasing because of the high quality, durability, and lifespan. We had our HugglePod for at least 5 or 6 years and it still looked brand new – the quality was absolutely impeccable! It was our fault our HugglePod didn’t last longer. One year life happened and our HugglePod stayed outside too long in a hard Iowa winter. By the time we went to retrieve it the ice and solidly frozen it to the tree. Unfortunately it was a really bad winter and our HugglePod separated from the top hanging stitched area so we had to throw it away since we no longer had a way to hang it.

I’d definitely still buy it again though in a heartbeat – it’s a fantastic product!

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I was not compensated for this review. I received the above product to use in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Seriously where were all these cool toys when we were kids? I love this, I’m going to add it to my kid’s Christmas wish list. They love playing outside and in tents so this is perfect for them.

  2. Thats so cute and fun at the same time:)

  3. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) says:

    HOW FUN for the kids!! Mine would love this too!!!

  4. NYCSingleMom says:

    OMG, my daughter would love that!

  5. which size hugglepad did you buy for your kids

  6. Did it hold up well over time? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lori! It DID!! If you have REALLY harsh windy winters I would recommend taking it down during then but this thing is awesome! We live out in the country and people from all over know us as the house with the green hanging swing HAHA!

      1. That’s awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!

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