Google Body Browser- the New Virtual Anatomy Lesson

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Google Body Browser is a really cool new experiment where you can zoom in and check out the circulatroy, skeletal, muscular, & nervous systems inside & outside of the body! Really sweet idea – wish I had this when I took my AP (Anatomy & Physiology) classes!!!
 The excerpt below explains in a little more detail:
Thanks to Hoagie’s Gifted for this info! They found it on the blog Bioephemera (except below is taken from there).
Google Labs just released a new “experiment” – Body Browser. You have to upgrade to Google Chrome beta if you don’t already have it, but when you do, you can play with a 3-D, rotatable reconstruction of a (female) human body. Sliders let you fade the circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems in and out over the body organs; you can toggle labels on and off, and you can zoom, spin, and rotate in a way that would only be cooler if it were on a touchscreen iPad. (Yeah, that’s what I said, Google. Do it!) Check out this screenshot:

Toggle a few sliders and you can wrap the vessels and nerves in bone:

And then you can add muscle:

But by far the coolest function is the search box (It’s Google – of course it has one!) As you type in the box, it guesses what you mean and zooms all over the body from structure to structure, which can be quite amusing. When you finish, it will have zoomed you in on your structure of choice, while fading everything else out

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