Getting Your Organization On!!

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Does anyone’s office look hideous? I have to admit, I got this picture online but it looks EXACTLY like my work area! It’s SO sad. I LOVE organizing, and to be quite frank I’m very good at it, but with running a blog, watching 3 kids, helping my husband get his classroom organized, my son’s therapies, my son’s preschool, my conference trips, oh wait…I think I forgot being a mom and wife – I am SO busy! But it’s no excuse to live like a slob- I know, but it happens!
Whether or not you have children in school or you’re a teacher – or you’re single and have nothing to do with school, this time of the year gets crazy VERY quickly! Sales, work hours change, Christmas is looming not far off….life just couldn’t get much busier! And with being so busy tends to come a lack of time to clean, let alone organizing!
My house has never been so dirty and disorganized in my life since I had kids… seems to come with the territory. But I HAVE to get my organization back on – who wants to join me? Leave a comment below letting me know you’re with me!!
I am an extremely organized person and I am very good at organizing other people’s stuff. My husband has even tried to talk me into professionally organizing other people’s stuff because I love it! I always seem to know exactly how to pack a mountain of stuff in a neat organized pile so that it fits into a tight space. So for me, it’s not necessarily about not knowing how to organize, it’s the time that I need to organize.
I am going to start a new series next week which has yet to be named but it will be SIMPLE INEXPENSIVE ways to organize different areas of your life- whether at work or home or on the go! It is nothing elaborate or fancy. Just real life easy tips on how to get things in your life organized.
In anticipation of getting YOUR house reorganized (can’t you just feel the inspiration coming on??) you can read two of my previous posts:
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  1. tiggysmum70 says:

    I've used the 8*12 drawer bins for papers that I have copied for the week. Granted, at first it's an expense; however, I have used these for 4 years now. More than made up for it. I have 2 sets labeled Monday through Friday and Extra. I make my copies and then file them for the week. Love doing this and it makes things run so much smoother!

    I also used dollar tree drawer systems, the small ones, to sort my sharpies, vis-a-vis, and regular pens. Makes it easier for projects or to make sure you don't use the wrong one on the overhead or paper. LOL

  2. Amy Myers says:

    I have an obsession for The Container Store, which reminds me, I have a list of things I need before Monday. Good thing I only live 15 minutes away! They are amazing things! I highly suggest to anyone who lives close to one to check it out, oh and they give a 15% discount to teachers, just have to sign up online.

    Best letter sorters, bins for binders, I use the stackable bins that have the handles you can move for smaller storage as "lab" baskets. Great to divide supplies and make sure you get everything back. They also have a lot of home organization. I just bought hanging baskets to put wash bags in for in the laundry closet. My favorite cabinet item is the lazy susan for my spices 🙂

  3. My best advice is get rid of papers and books and scan everything and store it on your computer. I back up my stuff on google docs and an external hard drive. I hate clutter in my classroom and this really helps and is easy to access from home or school. It also makes sharing with other teachers quick and easy.

  4. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    I have a file bin that has folders for every week of the year. I use this to hold event flyers, invitations, paper reminders from school, etc.

    This summer I started using electronic planners again for organizing my blog and my family. I'm in the process of tweaking Cozi to work better with my checklists, and I downloaded the free Cozi app to my phone to keep my grocery list with me at all times.

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