Georgia Aquarium Live Animal Web Cams! Have you Been?

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Has anyone been to the Georgia Aquarium? We’ve been considering going this summer when we drive through, and I just noticed that they have four different live animal web cams!! One for the otters, beluga whales, penguins, and ocean voyager. The most active cams seem to be the beluga whales and ocean voyager – very neat!
The Ocean Voyager tank is quite intriguing as there are thousands of fish and whale sharks in it. It also boasts the ONLY manta rays in a US aquarium- EVER! The tank has the second largest viewing window in the world so unless you go snorkeling this is about as close to under the sea as you’re going to get! The window is 27 feet high, 63 feet wide, and 2 feet thick!! In order to make the water in the Ocean Voyager as salty as the ocean it took 1.8 MILLION pounds of salt – isn’t that wild??
We’ve been to zoos all across the nation as well as Sea World so I’m wondering how different the Georgia Aquarium will be! It does boast some pretty unique features. I’d love to hear input if you’ve been there before!! General Admission is NOT cheap (about $25 for adults) so let me know if you’ve been there before and if it’s worth the visit!!

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  1. My husband and I went to the Georgia Aquarium when we were in Atlanta for our honeymoon in 2010. And I loved it! Really neat attractions and features… the whale sharks were my favorite. They also had a 3D show, Deepo's Undersea Wondershow, that discusses the effects of littering. It was cute and I would definitely have bought it as a DVD for my classroom (if only they sold it). They have also added a dolphin exhibit since we were there. There's a neat play area for kids and a touch pool. I would definitely recommend going. Sorry about all the rambling; hope this helps!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We went to the Georgia Aquarium the first year it was open! There were tons of people, but it was still an enjoyable trip. The touch tank is great for kids and it's amazing to see huge stingrays and other fish swimming over your head as you walk through the tunnel. Since this trip, my daughters have gone back on a school trip and they still enjoy something different. It is expensive, but worth it.

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