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As a parent or a teacher I don’t even have to tell you how MESSY kids can be! Whether it’s puking kids or spilling paint – the kind of messes that can occur with kids around can get pretty hairy! I have lost count the number of times my babies had complete diaper blowouts – and of course it was always while we were out! Or when they got sick and “thought” they were in the bathroom in the middle of the night…..yeah you know what I’m talking about! One of my favorite brands for babies especially is Pampers and now that we are expecting our 3rd kiddo I have already started stocking up on the Pampers Sensitive Wipes and newborn diapers! But for this campaign I wanted to pay it forward to another mom and give the “Gift of Gentle Clean”, because goodness knows messes from kids are usually not very gentle!

gift basket for new moms

I was sent a $50 gift card to create a gift for another mom, and I chose a new mommy-to-be who was in need of some things for the upcoming baby! She was SO surprised and excited!! I really wanted my gift to be “clean” focused so I bought Pampers Sensitive Wipes (because you NEVER have enough of them with kids!), baby bath wash, washcloths, hand sanitizer, a portable diaper changing station, and soft clean blankets and toys for the baby. All are things that either help keep kids clean, or need to stayed cleaned! Even just paying it forward by buying a box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes is such a HUGE help for a mom with a baby or little kiddos. And it’s such an affordable gift too! They are a staple item when it comes to little ones!

It is FINALLY starting to warm up here in Iowa and guess what my kids are already doing? Digging in the dirt outside for worms! Yes, I have a cup of worms on my dining room table….right next to the box containing crickets and beetles – it comes with having boys. Warmer spring days means even bigger messes with kids, but it also means a lot more fun! Between the sand box, painting, digging for worms, and every other messy (but fun!) activities you can imagine we keep wipes on hand for just about everything. AND here’s a little tip – keep wipes in the car! AT ALL TIMES! Whether the kids get sick in the car, spill their snacks/drinks, get cut and have a little blood, wipe their hands on your muddy car, need to blow their nose, or who knows what else they can come up with – you will not regret having a small package of wipes in the car!

Pampers Wipes

JOIN in on the #PampersWipes Twitter Party on April 8th from 9-10PM EST which will enable moms to exchange ideas and tips to help make spring cleaning “gentle” while using Pampers Wipes to clean babies toughest messes. You can follow Pampers on Twitter here the RSVP for the Twitter party HERE!! (and of course on Facebook too!) To participate, follow your hosts @DoubleDutyDivas, @BridgetteLA, @CeceliaMecca @AngieKcom @WhatMommiesNeed @RamblingChick, and our sponsor @Pampers.

Twitter Party Prizes Include:

  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $50 Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $50 Car Cleaning Service Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $100 Merry Maids Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct)
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + Roomba Pet and Allergy (ARV $450)


Pampers Wipes Gentle Clean Prize Pack

This giveaway (estimated value $50) is open to US Residents only and includes:

1 Cleaning Caddy
1 Hand Lotion
1 Swiffer Wet Jet
1 pair of cleaning Gloves
1 container of Pampers Wipes

To ENTER just leave a comment below telling me about one of the craziest messes you’ve had to clean up!

Giveaway ends at midnight EST 4/12/14. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize before a new winner is chosen!

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  1. Tabitha Baughman says:

    The craziest mess I have had to clean up has been humidifier water spilled all over our changing table, floor, and crib…that’s a lot of mopping!!!

  2. Brijitte Hartsfield says:

    One time my daughter was sick and wouldn’t drink the pedialyte so I called the Dr. And he told me to give her Gatorade instead. We gave her Gatorade and my husband about died when he saw purple and green poop everywhere because of her diarrhea, he really thought there was something wrong with her or that she was an alien.

  3. My son is 100% blind and autistic. While I was in the restroom he once got into the fridge and one-by-one cracked a dozen eggs. When I found him he was laughing and smiling with himself and the floor covered in egg! What a mess!

  4. While not a gross mess (because I’ve had those too) my most frustrating mess was when my son found an open baby powder bottle on the changing table and decided to “powder” EVERYTHING. I learned the hard way that baby powder doesn’t come up easy in the vacuum cleaner. We eventually had to shampoo the carpets to get it out of his carpet and rug. It took days to stop finding baby powder on the bottoms of his feet as he walked out of his room. We kept discovering places he had “powdered” that we had missed 🙂

  5. My biggest classroom mess was throw up, poop, and a great art project all in one day. I am expecting a baby in a month so I am sure I have plenty of bigger messes to look forward too!!

  6. I had to clean up after my son who had simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Ick!

  7. The craziest mess I had to clean up was when my son threw up while on the top bunk. He projected it onto thr window, blinds, down the wall and of course it dripped onto the bottom bunk. The next day while buying supplies for the sick kid he threw up again all iver the groceries and I had to clean him and the groceries up in the restroom. It was a horrible two days.

  8. My son took off his diaper and some poop fell out on our carpet.

  9. tarri forest says:

    My biggest and craziest mess was when my daughter had pooped and decided to paint her walls with it.

  10. This literally happened only a few hours ago: My daughter is potty training and likes to have the door shut while she “does her business”. I stood outside the door and didn’t realize she had finished until I heard the “Oh, no!” She tried to dump the little potty’s contents into the toilet to “help” but she missed. While I was cleaning that mess up, her younger brother (who I was happy to not have in the bathroom) starting saying “ROAR!” I thought that was a GOOD thing – as you know silence is always a sign of bad. I leave the bathroom and discover that he had climbed up onto the counter and was yelling “ROAR!” as he plunged his hands into his sister’s birthday cake! He was eating it with both hands and the crumbs and frosting were going everywhere! I felt really bad for his sister, too. She felt bad about the bathroom incident and now has no cake! (We’ll have to go out later instead.)

  11. I accidentally knocked one of the shelves out of the side door of the fridge and everything on it fell to the floor, some shattering and others spilling.. it was a big mess.

  12. As a diner waitress it was part of my job to make ice cream sundaes when a customer placed an order. Ice cream and chocolate syrup topped off with whipped cream! The ice cream and fixings were located behind the typical stool counter where other customers would be eating. On this particular occasion the sundae process was fine until I used the stainless steel instant whipped cream container similar to those purchased in supermarkets! I dispensed the whipped cream in a typical swirl, ready to anoint the top with a maraschino cherry! I released the valve with my finger but the whipped cream would not stop!!! The entire container emptied out! Whipped cream on the ice cream! Whipped cream on the counters! Whipped cream on the floor (great for a slip & slide routine)! Whipped cream on me! My only salvation was that I did not spray the counter customers! Lots of laughter and mopping ensued! What a mess! I met my husband in the same diner and we have now been married 43 years with five children and six grandchildren!

  13. Lauren Becker says:

    Thankfully I haven’t had to clean up anything TOO crazy yet. I think the craziest mess would probably be my dog throwing up all over the living room floor. ugh!

  14. I once dropped a pan out of the oven that had roast and vegetables in it. Since the pan had roast juice, meat and veggies when it hit the ground it went everywhere. It splattered all over the counters, juice went under the oven, meat and veggies were everywhere and now the “easy to fix” supper we were supposed to eat was ruined! Thankfully my sweet husband helped me clean it up but we ended up having to eat sandwiches that night for dinner (much to the delight of our kids!).

  15. My first year teaching I decided to try one of my favorite projects that I did as a child in school. The project was called A Crystal Garden. A mixture of ammonia, salt, bluing, and differing food colorings is poured on to charcoal briquettes and a plethora of delicate colored crystals will start growing. I had always assumed part of the chemical reaction was the carbon in the charcoal. I was soon to find out how incorrect I was. Several projects were tipped over and one of my many little helpers managed to knock the remaining bluing solution off the back counter. I spent nearly an hour after school trying to clean all the bluing out of the carpet….using Windex (The only thing in my closet) and blotting up the carpet and wiping down desks and chairs. When I came back in on Monday morning…my entire classroom sparkled! There were crystals on the desks, chairs , and spectacular mushroom like clumps growing out of my carpet. It was then I realized the crystals did not require charcoal to grow on, and more importantly, that by spraying Windex on them, I was promoting their growth from the ammonia in the cleaner. I was finally able to quell the crystals by wiping them out with water….lesson learned!!! 🙂

  16. My biggest mess was when my son was about 3 yrs old. He got up in the middle of the night and decided to have some more of his antibiotic that was stored in the fridge. He couldn’t get it open so he got a drink of juice and spilled it all over the floor. Then he pulled down the box of baby rice cereal powder and dumped it out. Apparently after that he saw the big mess he had made so he decided to clean it up. He found my bottle of floor cleaner with wax in the cupboard and sprayed that all over the kitchen floor. Then he went back to bed.
    We got up in the morning to find the refrigerator door open, juice, rice cereal and floor cleaner all dried into a sticky gooey mess all over the kitchen floor. It was not a nice thing to wake up to.

  17. sandy vanbuskirk says:

    I guess that mess would be The Easter cookie mess I just cleaned up last Saturday. Flour, eggs, butter, milk, chocolate chips you name it, it was there my son and daughter (bless their hearts) trashed the kitchen trying to make Easter cookies. My 12 yr. old daughter had the cookies all mixed up and ready for me to bake, my 6 yr. old son was warring them all he could say was….We making cookies Mommy… so cute how could we be upset? what a mess.

  18. Kimberly Schotz says:

    My youngest daughter helped herself to ketchup. My older daughter decided she had too much on her plate. A tug of war for the plate began and the end result was ketchup everywhere including the ceiling.

  19. D Schmidt says:

    The craziest mess I have had to clean up was my sons bedroom after he decided to ‘play’ during naptime, it was horrific! He is lucky he is so adorable.

  20. Oh man, I’ve made some major messes in the microwave. Butter, spaghetti….it’s awful

  21. laura ari says:

    The craziest mess I had to clean up was when the dog ran away with a bag of flour and got it all over the house.

  22. My craziest messes happen when eating in bed. not a good idea. especially cereal.

  23. Ben (Ada) says:

    One of my craziest messes was when I spilled pop all over the carpet.

  24. Susan Christy says:

    Dog poo and vomit in every room of my house on Christmas eve.

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