Fisher Price Learn Through Music TouchPad Review

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I know a lot of you have younger children and were looking for something sturdy and fun in the way of a touchpad type product for them and I’m SO excited to have found the Fisher Price Learn through Music TouchPad!! It is for ages 2+ and is absolutely perfect for my 2 year old. He has dropped it, spilled a small amount of liquid on it, made it sticky beyond belief while eating a candy cane, stepped on it and poked and smacked at it so many times I’ve lost count – and it works like a charm! It comes with a microphone and it’s educational! I love that it is music based as toddlers/preschoolers really respond to music well.
Fisher Price’s Learn through Music TouchPad is actually an updated version of an older product which now has a touch screen just like mom and dad’s “toys”! Above you can see all of the specific touchscreen button features. The TouchPad has different cartridges which are sold separate from the machine (although it does come with one cartridge!). Ours came with the Leo and Friends Alphabet Museum which is the same Leo character from other Fisher Price products (such as the Cool School) so my little guy recognized Leo right away! You can find other cartridges with well-loved characters like Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, and more. On our Leo game catridge there are a few screens advertising other cartridges. We were SO VERY lucky to find extra cartridges at Target this weekend on clearance!!

Every kid I’ve ever met responds to music – and it is a great way to learn! After only playing with the TouchPad for 2 days I could hear my 2 year old singing the alphabet songs and making the same noises as the characters on the TouchPad – he picked it up so quickly! I was surprised when I started hearing him repeat back the phonetical sounds of the letters they were singing. In fact, my 4 year old kept “stealing” little brother’s new toy because he loved it so much too! You can see them dancing and having fun together! They took turns singing into the microphone too!

Reading through reviews on other sites everyone complained about how dark the screen was. I will say that the screen is darker than expected but to be honest – my kids have no problem with it and neither did I. As you touch things and the screen changes different characters and objects light up. It’s not a typical super bright screen but it by no means affects the use of the product. Above you can see the touch screen buttons at the bottom for the kids to change the screens/settings. The game cartridges themselves are a bit more pricey than I would have preferred BUT now that I have seen the product I understand why. The game catridges themselves contain the rotating screen. If you pull the cartridge out the entire inside of the touch screen comes out. (you can see this below)
Once I saw how the game cartridge itself contains the rotating touchscreen panel I completely understood why the price of the cartridges run about $20-$25. It’s ingenius really – there are two specific buttons in the back of the machine that you must simultaneously press in order to pop the cartridge out which is great because my 2 year old can’t do it!! Not to mention that the catridge by itself is large so you don’t lose it and pretty sturdy. Chances are your kiddo won’t break it if they do pop it out! (or mine would have done it by now!) I don’t think we will need a lot of catridges – just a few will do – but it is money well spent and invested as you can feel very comfortable that the toy will not break anytime soon! In fact I can easily see this being passed around from kid to kid as the boys get older – it’s one of those toys that will last through many uses.

This is the absolute best “touch screen” alternative I have seen for the younger kiddos. I’m always petrified of my 2 year old touching our other touch screen products (LeapPad, smartphone, etc.) – with the Fisher Price Learn through Music TouchPad I NEVER ever worry about my son dropping it or breaking it – it is ultra sturdy! I would even be comfortable letting younger kids/babies use it too. It is a lot of fun and absolutely age appropriate.
Our TouchPad goes in the car with us, on trips, in the house, and everywhere we go. For what you get (an ultra sturdy and educational touchscreen game for your little ones) the price is great! It runs roughly about $50 depending on where you buy it.

As with just about everything this holiday season it is a little difficult to find these in stock. I’ve actually had the best luck finding the Fisher Price Learn Through Music TouchPad in stores. At the time I am writing this review they are IN STOCK at Kmart online, out of stock online at Walmart and Target, overpriced on Amazon, and I can’t even find it online at Fisher Price! I have seen them at several of the stores in person.
Overall – we LOVE it! All of us – mom, dad, my 4 year old and my 2 year old! The price is well worth the quality that you will get in this product. The durability of the Fisher Price Learn Through Music TouchPad is really impressive. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a learning system for older kids but is spot on and age appropriate for the little ones – they will love it! I highly recommend it for your little hands – definitely worth having!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. We received a TouchPad in order to use and form our own opinions.

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  1. Emily faliLV (@FamilyNLifeLV) says:

    OMG! They are having a blast! I will check that out – we have some gift cards to spend! Thanks for the honest and quality review!

  2. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah says:

    Looks like your kiddos love it! My son is a big UmiZoomi and Dora fan, so I bet he would love this too. I love that it is educational!

  3. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    This looks like so much fun – Thanks for the detailed review! I need to look into this for my son!

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