Educational TV Shows for Kids – What’s Your Favorite?

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My kids love TV (as do all kids!) and sometimes I get tired of the same show over and over and over and over and…..OK – you get the point! There are a LOT of educational TV shows out there. Personally I have found the best way for my kids to see them is by renting them from the library or on YouTube but that depends on the show of course. Here is a list below of some very educational shows you can look for if you need a break from the usual mantra!

Imagination Movers
Blue’s Clues
Sid the Science Kid
Word Girl
Super Readers
Wild Kratts
The Electric Company
Sesame Street
Curious George
Mister Roger’s Neighborhood
Martha Speaks
Reading Rainbow
Barney and Friends
How It’s Made
Jack Hanna
Steve Erwin
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
Bill Nye the Science Guy
The Backyardigans
Magic School Bus
Dinosaur Train

What other educational shows do your kids like?

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  1. Between the Lions (it might be called Reading Between the Lions?)

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