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As a parent I found it quite annoying and difficult to teach my young children exactly what an internet ad was, why they are there, and how to NOT click on it! Some are easy to figure out and the kids just ignore it, but some ads on sites are tricky for kids to understand – especially when it pops up and tells them to watch a video or click on their favorite toy. Not to mention that it’s a huge distraction for kids trying to do research and study content online for school projects. And when it comes to monitoring internet use in the classroom unless you have a seriously good filter you run into the same issues! That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Bing’s #adfreesearch campaign which allows all schools to use it – it removes all ad content (in the search engine), has strict filters for adult content, and also includes enhanced privacy protection which is vital when any child gets online whether it’s at school or at home. You can visit Bing’s Classroom Campaign page to search for your school, and show your support in ad-free internet use for schools!

PLUS they have this really cool program called Bing Rewards (you can sign up for free here!) where you can earn points by using Bing’s search engine and then send your points to the school of your choice where they can earn free Surface tablets to use in the classroom! I know our school is always in need of more technology so I’m definitely going to sign us up for this rewards program! Especially since I’m online so much anyway!


Bing is actually the only online search engine that is specifically tailored to your classrooms with it’s ad free content search. That means when kids are researching for projects, they aren’t going to find the top couple of results with sponsored advertising making it confusing for students to know whether or not to visit the site. NOTE – there will be NO ads in the Bing search engine, however once students are on a specific site ads can still be viewed. The search engine being ad free, however, helps to reduce confusion and wasted time for the students as they work on assignments.

For the Bing rewards program you can donate your points to any school which means helping your grandkids school or alma mater across the country! PLUS you can also see how many other people are supporting your school of choice and how many more points the school needs to earn a tablet! To join just visit the Bing Campaign page, click “Support Your School, enter your school’s zip code in, locate your school, and click “Try it now FREE!”.

What kind of online filter(s) does your school have? Check out Bing’s Ad Free Search for Classrooms now!

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