CHEAP Paper Storage Box – Alternative for Drying Rack

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construction paper holder storage


My husband’s school is in need of a Drying Rack but the one we have been looking at here cost about $100 which just isn’t the budget right now! But I spotted this Cardboard Classroom Paper Storage box for $16.88 (normally $22.49) and thought it might be a great alternative for drying papers! I would definitely recommend placing either a layer of foil or contact paper down on the inside for those extra wet papers but this is a ton cheaper if your kids use the regular sized paper for their classroom activities. There are 15 slots but you can use the top of course which will cover most of your class. Another idea that I’ve been thinking of but haven’t made yet is seeing if a local pizza place will donate 20 of their large pizza boxes and creating your own….but for $16 this sure would save a lot of time!

I’d love to hear your ideas of how you dry craft papers in your classroom!!

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  1. R. Downey says:

    String a few clothes lines across the room (out of reach of children) and use clothespins to hang the art to dry. Cheap, and displays all the work in the room while it dries!

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