How to Make Dirt Pudding Recipe – Great for Birthday Parties!

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Dirt Pudding is a classic dessert you can make for kids and grownups alike. These are great for classroom treats (if you can use homemade goods), birthday parties, garden parties, and plenty more!

Dirt Pudding Recipe

How do you make dirt pudding?

dirt pudding collage

Materials needed:

-A package of Oreos

-A package of Gummy Worms

-A package of graham crackers

-Optional (2 cups of raw sugar)

-A package of instant chocolate pudding

-Glass jar

Ziploc Gallon bags

Dirt Pudding Directions:


dirt pudding recipe for kids

Go ahead and make the instant pudding, following the directions on the back of the package. Let the pudding chill in the fridge, while you complete the other parts of the recipe.


To make the sand of the dirt pudding, you’ll want to take a Ziploc gallon baggie and crush your graham crackers to smithereens. Crunch, squish, and squash until everything is in little tiny pieces. To give the sand a more “sandy” look, feel free to add the 2 cups of raw sugar. It also gives the sand a CRUNCH.


dirt pudding recipe for kids

The Oreos are just to make the sand look a little dirtier. You’ll want to separate the Oreos before crushing. You’ll need to leave out the side with cream on it and only crush the actual un-creamed Oreo side. Crunch, squish, and squash these Oreos until they are also in smithereens.

To finish:

dirt pudding recipe for kids

Grab a glass or a mason jar, flower pot, etc. and start layering your dirt pudding. The chocolate pudding can get a little messy, but that’s okay.

– Put the chocolate pudding in first.

– Add a layer of sand.

– Add a layer of Oreos.

– Place a few gummy worms inside the glass.


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