What Can You Really Find By Digging in the Trash?

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Remember the post I did about Saving Money by Keeping Used Things off the side of the road? Tonight we were driving around for the kiddos to see Christmas lights when I spotted…..is that what I think it is?? 
I am totally not kidding! My husband is handy with broken things so we figured we’d pick it up, and just trash it if we couldn’t get it to work! We plugged it in in the kitchen and it worked! So we moved it to the TV shelf, and it wouldn’t work. We did it a couple times with the same results till I was just laughing so hard because my poor husband was just dying with frustration.
We called Dell (the brand of the TV!) since we had the service tag number, but they refused to help us since it was bought at an appliance store and not directly through them- go figure! So we gave it one last shot – and for now- it works! We’re afraid to touch it, but we’re watching a movie right now!!! I’m so excited- this is the nicest TV we have ever owned! (considering all of our TV’s have come off the side of the road-haha!) Cross your fingers that it will last! It’s 26 inches too!
Here it is!!!


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  1. BabyDealsDujour says:

    Awesome find!

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  2. I hope it works for a very long time. What a find!

  3. The Teacher's Wife says:

    It worked for a 2 1/2 hour movie last night, and 10 minutes of cartoons this morning…but then it stopped…I am hoping it will turn back on!

  4. Following your blog! Please follow back!
    If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be awesome too!!

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