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Reading with Audiobooks for Kids

I am a bookworm at heart – even if I don’t always have the time to read. So I have found that turning to audiobooks (although I love my traditional paperback books!) has given me the opportunity to listen to my favorite books more while I’m on the go! I sneak listening times in while I’m driving to the doctor’s office, running errands, or even while sitting in the car as I wait for my kids to get out of school! My husband listens to his audiobooks at school after the day is done as he’s cleaning up things in the classroom. That’s the awesome thing – you can pretty much take it wherever you want to go! My public library has a small selection of audiobooks but I’ve found that Audible has a much wider variety to choose from (over 150,000 titles!) for my “must listen to now” book series! (You can find Audible coupon codes here.)

I never really got into audiobooks until I had kids – for two reasons really. One, I had WAY less time to actually sit down and read. And two – it was a great way to encourage my kids to love listening and reading as preschoolers. Not only do we pair the children’s books with audiobooks for the kids to enjoy while we’re on the road but we also listen chapter by chapter to an audiobook just before bedtime. It has helped them open up their imagination to stories to dream about each night and they are SO eager to listen to the next chapter so they rush to brush their teeth and get pj’s on at night! I haven’t found a quicker way to get my kids into bed each night!

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