Get Outside and ENJOY the great Outdoors!!

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Playing outdoors really is an essential part of life – whether you’re a kid or an adult! It helps relieve stress, encourage healthy activity, and boosts energy! Not to mention a lifelong lesson to our children to stay active! Our family LOVES the outdoors and when the weather permits we practically live outside!! Although we would love to spend more time outdoors at the beach, we’re a little too far to go to the beach all the time. So our family has found many other closer outdoor activities to participate in!


One is geocaching! If you are one of my original readers you know that we LOVE geocaching!! What is geocaching? It’s like a worldwide “treasure hunt” using your GPS! People hide containers with toys or just log books inside, post the coordinates online, and then the rest of us go looking for it!! We always sign a log book when we find one! We love geocaching for several reasons – one is the hunt.
The thrill of finding something mundane that has been hidden and passed over by possibly thousands of people! My kids love finding the goodies inside. The other reason is that it gets us outdoors!! We have gone geocaching in at least 10 US states as well as Canada. We have found old miner’s caves, hidden electrical boxes, horse rings, old stumps in the middle of nowhere, etc. It’s really an amazing journey and great exercise for the entire family!


Another thing that really gets us outdoors is by swimming! Whether it’s the beach, your pool, or a public pool, getting outside and swimming is great exercise! Don’t have access to a pool? Pull out the sprinkler for the kids!! We’ve even made a big mud pit in the backyard for f un! Both of my boys have been like fish since they were old enough to go in the pool, and we have taught them early on how to swim and respect the water – a BIG must living in Florida!!
There are so many more ways to get your family outdoors and active! Especially now that the weather is starting to turn cooler in most places. Fly a kite, play sports, go to the playground, head to your closest nature trail, fishing (one of our favorite past times!!), and even going to outdoor festivals!

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