Chuggington Megabuild Junction Review

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If there’s one thing that my boys NEVER get tired of playing it’s trains! And my youngest son especially loves his Chuggington trains! A few years ago we met up with TOMY at several different conferences and got to hear all about their world record for the tallest toy train track so when I heard about their Megabuild Junction I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Megabuild Junction is actually using several smaller train track sets to create inventive larger sets like the one you see in my photos!

We were sent four different Chuggington Train sets which we built separately for fun, and then decided to combine them all together to make this one gigantic track set! You really have to check out the Megabuild website because there are some really sweet building instructions and tall track ideas! The ones I’ve seen at the conferences are at least three times taller than I am!

There are so many things that I love about these Chuggington train sets!! One is the way the pieces snap together. You press them together firmly and they don’t come apart when the kids knock into them. Also, there are a lot of extra interactive features on the track like the swinging hinged doors, the lifting access gates, the popping rocks (you can see it in the photo below), etc.

And of course probably the biggest “awesome” feature of these Chuggington tracks is that they connect to build different sets in many different ways! Not only can you build each set in different layouts but you can combine different sets to create completely new “towns” of tracks! There’s so much versatility to re-create completely new scenes for your tracks it’s just awesome! It’s like setting up a brand new track every day when you switch it all around!

You can see how huge the track sets build up to be compared to my 7 & 4 year old! You’ll definitely need some playing room on the floor if you’re going to combine sets – unless you decide to build straight up that is and that is pretty cool as well! In case you’re wondering this megabuild set that we created is called “New Adventures in Old Town”, but on the Megabuild website there are tons of different instructions for various creations.


CHOO CHOO! Thanks to TOMY for offering one of my readers than chance to win several of their own Chuggington train sets so that you can build your own Megabuild Junction at home!! To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. My kids would love launch time 🙂

  2. I like the Rescue at Rocky Ridge Playset!

  3. The Safari through the Quarry looks really fun to me!

  4. Molly Lynch says:

    OMG!! This site is amazing for all Chuggington families! I love the step-by-step building link!! Thank you for making my life THAT much easier. lol

  5. D Schmidt says:

    Visited the site and I really like Koko & Brewster’s Icy Adventure

  6. I visited and really like the It’s Launch Time design!

  7. T Michelle Trump says:

    I love the Launch time design!

  8. The “Race, Rescue & Repair” looks pretty neat!

  9. I really like the “Brewster’s Busy Day” design, too!

  10. Another design I like is the Stormy Safari through the Quarry. Has lots of twists and turns!

  11. Checking them out again – they all look so fun! I think my daughter would particularly enjoy Stay & Play for the creativity it allows. Brother would just like the curves and speed it could produce.

  12. I also like the Not-so-Mellow Yellow design. Those are some steep drops!

  13. Brewster’s Busy Day

  14. It’s launch time looks like a lot of fun to me!

  15. I learned in 2013 that TOmy/Chuggington decided to attempt Guinness World Records title for Tallest Toy Train Track.

  16. I also like The Stunt Quarry !

  17. I really like the Stack, Spiral, Pop track as well! What fun!

  18. I also like the Rickety Bridge Ridge design!

  19. I learned that TOMY set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD title for Tallest Toy Train Track

  20. These designs are amazing! I also like the Super Stacker Tower!

  21. The Great Gates design would be enjoyed by my grandsons, too!

  22. Amy Stonger says:

    I love the super stacker tower!

  23. The Crisscross Tower looks like loads of fun, too!

  24. I like the Sticks and Stones design

  25. Myron Brubacher says:

    looks like good old fashioned creative play

  26. Zoe Frank says:

    The safari

  27. Sarah Spencer says:

    I like the stormy safari one!

  28. Jennifer Lennon says:

    Love the rickety bridge set!

  29. Rachel Craig says:

    The fact that all the sets can be used together is excellent. Stacking is a great idea.

  30. It all looks awesome!

  31. I really like the stormy safari through the query!

  32. I really like the Stay & Play track!

  33. I like the Double Decker Roundhouse

  34. Gosh my son would probably love any of these, however my personal favorite is icy bridge adventure. 😉

  35. I like the stormy safari through the quarry design

    We live chuggington!

  36. Ice Storm in Chuggington looks like a fun design, too!

  37. I like the Wild Ride in Old Town

  38. Love the Switching it Up set

  39. Amy Stonger says:

    I would love to build the great gates set.

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