Cafeteria Food Cringe

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Ok- so did anyone actually like their schools cafeteria food? I’ve seen some of the food served at my hubby’s school in the cafeteria- and it looks like it used to when I went to school! Well in searching for some school foody recipes I came across a site that contains a huge list of school cafeteria food recipes! The recipes all look ok- but just the thought of making my kids a recipe dubbed “School Cafeteria” just doesn’t do it for me!
In further research online I found quite a few sites that list school cafeteria food recipes, SO here goes:
USDA Food/Nutrition Services Recipe Cafeteria List
USDA Healthy School Food Service
Recipe Rewards
Joe’s Place

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  1. Oh the evil! I could just imagine punishing my kids with the fare that was slopped on the trays when I was in elementary school. The absolute worst lunches, hands down, were the ones I had in the 3 different schools I attended in Georgia. Every single day there were mushy black-eyed peas and grits. What was a yankee to do? I starved. That is what I did.

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