Make Treats for the Birds- Then Study Them!

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Since many of you are still harboring indoors- I thought this might be a fun project for the kids to do indoors, then observe what happens outside! All you will need is a pinecone, some peanut butter, bird seed, and some sort of string to hang your treat.

1. Let the kids pick out their very own pinecone to use for this project, then head indoors!
2. Smear the pinecone with peanut butter! Make sure you stuff some peanut butter inside the crevices of the pinecone.
3. Now either roll your sticky pinecone in the bird seed, or use a spoon to try and get it all to stick! Make sure you stuff a bunch of seeds down in between the crevices of the pinecone where you stuffed the peanut butter!
4. Tie a string to the top of your pinecone.
5. Now hang it outside on a tree or a shepherd’s cane. Head inside and peer out the window to see who comes by for a snack!!

Have the kids observe the different birds (and possibly squirrels!) that come by for a treat. What colors are they? Do any of them have stripes? Are some smaller than others? They can look up pictures of the birds online and try to identify them, or draw pictures of them on some paper!

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