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Does anyone find themselves living today looking into the future? This year is full of exciting adventures for our family and I can’t help daydream about our upcoming adventures! Especially when we’re going through a tough time financially & health-wise right now (comes with living on a teacher’s salary right?). I’m on some medicine that makes me a little groggy so instead of trying to post about some fun grand activity to do or in-depth post I thought I would share what I am looking forward to this year. I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know if there is anything you are looking forward to as well!!
In February our first adventure will be to the Toy Fair!! Over 1200 toy/game companies – do you think I can meet them all in just 3 days?? 🙂


My husband and I (minus the kids!) will actually be attending the first 3 days of Toy Fair together in New York City – I am SOOO excited! It will be my first time in NYC AND my first time at Toy Fair. Why bring my husband along? Well, he does co-write for this blog, it cost only $150 extra to bring him along, and we can split duties in meeting companies at the Toy Fair. He will focus on the school/office related companies and I will focus on the fun (cough cough) toy and game companies. I will be blogging live from the Toy Fair so I can’t wait to bring you guys along for the ride!! Hopefully we’ll meet a lot of great new companies to work with! (I’ve already got several events lined up for the year!)
Our next big adventure is with the entire family, and that is our road trip this summer to visit my husband’s family in Chicago. Every other summer we drive up to the midwest and spend a few weeks with my husband’s family – at least that’s how the past few years have been. On the way up my husband promised we would stop at Ruby Falls – one of my most desired places in the US to visit! (I have a thing for caves – weird huh?) I have been scouring deals in Chattanooga online but if you spot one for Ruby Falls would you please please let me know!!!
We’ll also get to see one of my besties from college up at the Cherry-Bowl Drive in which is a HUGE highlight for our family when we head up there!
The last “big” event for the year that I am looking forward to is my trip back to NYC to BlogHer’12!
I'm liveblogging BlogHer '12
You might remember that I attended BlogHer’11 in San Diego last year and it was absolutely amazing and worth every penny I invested to go! I wouldn’t miss it for anything!
So tell me – what are you looking forward to this year???

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