What Happens When you Run out of Ideas? When Ideas Run Dry.

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My husband says I am an incredible writer- I think he is totally bias! But what happens when you just can’t think of any more ideas. There are tons out there, but none of them really call to you. Well- you write a post about not having ideas! 🙂
Lately my mind has been drawing a complete blank. On everything. On blogging. On writing. On activities to do with the kids. I am feeling very uninspired! I’ve been going through the usual suggestions with my kids (playfoam, moon dough, painting, crafts, etc.) and they just aren’t interested.
I’m sure you’ve done it as a parent or a teacher. Your kids/students just get in a rut….and you fall into that rut….and you just can’t seem to get out. Not a very inspiring post for the beginning of the school season huh? BUT maybe it IS an inspiring post for the end of the summer. The summer is half over, you’ve had your fun. You’re in a routine of….well, not being in a routine!
YES YOU! Today, even though I didn’t feel like it, I decided to take the 3 kids (2 of mine, 1 I watch) to a new park. When I pulled into the park I quickly realized there was a fee to get in. I didn’t have cash so I asked the guard if I could just turn around since I didn’t realize there was a fee. He thought about it for a second and decided to let me in anyways. It wasn’t about the money to him. That generosity, although small, stuck with me for the rest of today. That gesture awakened a generosity in myself which in turn benefited my children at the park. It was a beautiful place. The kids had a fantastic time! It was so beautiful, in fact, that we plan on going back later this week.
I got a great blessing by trying something out of the ordinary- even though I didn’t feel like it. Try something new with your kids. Make yourself do something you don’t feel like doing. You never know, you just might be surprised with the result.

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  1. Anne Patrone says:

    I think we all get the blahs sometime and the best thing to do is acknowledge it, embrace it, and then move on . . . having said that, I will now get off my butt and complete my "to-do" list!

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