Best Tips on How to Make Time to Further Your Education

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Best Tips on How to make Time to Further Your Education

I’d love to …… but I just don’t have time!

Does this sound familiar? It seems like no one has time for anything nowadays – but don’t let that keep you from furthering your education! You CAN do it! It’s all about re-shifting your schedule, your focus, and your priorities. NOW is the time to learn more. NOW is the time to take yourself back and chase your dreams! NOW is the time to move ahead in your career and be the BEST YOU that you can be! And the great thing is that this is an easy way for teachers to renew their license with learning that interests the teacher! You can actually be excited about the courses you choose!


In this article I will share tips with you on not only how to make time to further your education but also to share with you why micro-credentials are so important (and convenient!) for educators.

Best Tips on How to Make Time to Further Your Education 

As an educator you know that there is no “one size fits all” method when it comes to learning OR teaching. But you also may struggle with how best to support students’ diverse learning styles. Personalized learning is a popular topic which focuses on each student’s individual learning strengths and needs – but what exactly does that mean to you and to the child you work with? That’s where micro-credentials come in. It’s like bite-sized learning courses that allow you to expand your learning on your own time online.

There are over 300 micro-education courses offered by Digital Promise such as:

Foundations of Practice in Executive Function
Apply Student-centered Strategies to Support Learning Differents
Build a Student-centered Plan to Support Learning Differences
Foundations of Practice in Working Memory
Engage Your Peers in Supporting Students’ Learning Differences
Foundations of Practice in Learner Motivation
Social Awareness
Relationship Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Regulation
Speed of Processing
Auditory Processing
Visual Processing
and MORE!

*check with Digital Promise to see if your state/district is available for graduate level credit 
Tips on How to Find Time to Further Your Education
 Even as a parent of a child with autism and another child with a Visual & Auditory Processing Disorder I have taken micro-education courses which help open up my eyes on how to help my children as they learn and interact with those around them. That’s the great thing about Digital Promise – anyone can take these courses and learn from them! Your area of expertise will be validated from anything to an in-service curriculum workshop to a YouTube demo lesson! PLUS once you’ve completed a course you receive a professional “digital badge” that you can share online and tag onto your e-mail and/or social media accounts.



Tips on How to Make Time to Further Your Education:


1. Take Classes Online. Take advantage of Digital Promise! You choose your classes and take them on your own time anywhere your computer is! It couldn’t be easier!


2. Set a Schedule for Yourself. Although you can take your class(es) anytime you want it works best if you set a schedule for yourself. Plan to work on your course in the morning before school or at night after it is quiet in your house.


3. Sign up for e-mail alerts. Thank goodness for immediate technology! Keep track of updates to courses and status alerts online so you don’t forget or lose track of anything!


4. Communicate with those around you. Set a clear plan with your spouse/family of how important this is to you and make them aware of your schedule. Don’t be afraid to share your goals with your mentor, co-workers, and friends to help you stay accountable!


5. De-stress frequently! Juggling various schedules can be stressful. You absolutely need a way to release some stress. Set time for yourself each week to read a book, watch a TV show, go out for a cup of coffee or take a hot bath. Find something you can do for yourself to take a break from the constant work and studies you have been working hard on!


6. Acquire Continuing Education Credit! Learning is always great but it’s even BETTER when you can get CEU’s for the classes you take! Several states offer CEU’s for these classes or you can always have your administrator fill out paperwork for this to count towards your CEU!

Digital Promise Micro-Credentials

 Interested in furthering your education with Digital Promise Micro-Credentials? Just follow these steps below:


1. Select a specific skill or area you want to demonstrate competency in.
2. Collect the required evidence as articulated in the micro-credential (e.g. videos, audio, writing samples, samples of student work, reflections from students and/or teachers etc.)
3. Submit your evident via the online platform.
4. Receive the micro-credential in the form of a digital badge. (Assessor will review your evidence against a scoring guide and rubric.)

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