Bath Time STEM Water Play with Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout Toy

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Introducing STEM Concepts into Bath Time

One thing I love about toddlers is how much FUN they have in the bath! The squeal of delight when you add bubbles in, the squirt toys in the tub, and the delighted splashing non stop! But one thing driving me crazy with my toddler is her insatiable need to have the water running at all times. The water our tub is designed our water is either on full blast or turned off – there is no in between. Not only do I hate wasting water but the tub levels get too high for her comfortably sit in the tub without falling over. When I first saw the Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout last year I KNEW we wanted one. It is a kid friendly submersible pump that constantly allows a water flow in the tub – but it does SO much more!

And did you know that June 14th is also International Bath Day? (for real!)

Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout Water Bath Toy for Kids

Yes – even toddlers can explore the basic properties of physics! There are SO many reasons we love this toy! My daughter is 19 months old right now and every time she takes a bath she asks to play with it! Through water play it is teaching her concepts like empty and full, floating and sinking, heavy and light, as well as cause and effect. Each of the three tumbler “cups” have a different bottom that allows water to flow differently through each cup – and they all stack together!

Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout Water Bath Toy for Kids

Before she started playing with the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout she was constantly trying to turn the bath water on which made bath times tough for us both! Now she happily swings the spout “arm” around to fill up her cups and stack them together. Just add batteries into the toy, make sure the blue pump at the bottom is fully submerged – and you’re ready to go! The orange face on the toy presses in and out to turn the water flow on and off.

Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout Water Bath Toy for Kids

I can’t say enough things about how much we love this bath time toy and how awesome it is for interactive toddler STEM play! Unlike her other bath toys the water flow from her pump always catches her eye and draws her back to playing with it.

Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout Water Bath Toy for Kids

Although we’ve only been playing with it a few weeks so far it’s a 5 out of 5 star rating for us! I have absolutely NO negatives to report at all. I definitely recommend this toy!!! Here’s a quick instagram video of the water flow fun! You can see how interested my daughter is in changing the cups around, playing with the propeller, and filling the little buckets.



You can buy the Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout Bath toy at Babies R Us or Amazon.

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