Children’s Books to Calm First Day of School Jitters

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Children's Books to Calm First Day of School Jitters

Children’s books are such a fantastic way of helping your kids relate to other characters whether they are scared, sick, learning to brush their teeth, sleep in the dark, make friends, and all sorts of other issues! Whether your kids are heading off to preschool, kindergarten, or any other elementary grade level for the first time this year (or starting at a new school!) they might be having some jitters you don’t even know about! I love reading “welcome back to school” books to my children to calm any fears of what to expect their first day of school. Even if my kids are super excited for their first day of school we look for an extra silly book to laugh about as the school year starts. Below are 6 great children’s books that tell a story of the characters first day back at school.

1. The Berenstain Bears Go to School

2. First Day Jitters

3. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

4. The Night Before First Grade

5. It’s Back To School We Go!: First Day Stories from Around The World

6. I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

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  1. Pat Chase says:

    One that I enjoyed reading toy third graders was The Kissing Hand.

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