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Welcome to all my new blog followers!!
My name is Crystal and I’ve been running this site for 7 years now! It all started quite by accident really! My original plan was just a little website where teachers at my local school to find the clearance deals in the area for the week so I didn’t have to tell them all separately. Evidently there are quite a few people “surviving on a teacher’s salary” and the idea took off very rapidly!

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Craig for 13 years now, and we have 3 wonderful and energetic kids ages 10, 8, and 2. My husband is an elementary school teacher and principal -thus the name of the blog! 🙂 Yes – he does BOTH jobs – it’s a LOT!

We met in college, and it was for lack of better words, love at first sight. We finished college together, got married, moved to the Chicago area where he was from and lived there for a few years, before moving back down to Florida, where I’m from! We went from have 2 fantastic high paying jobs (huge bonuses, perks, the works!) to a single income at a poorly paid school district in Florida. And of course, that’s when our family started to grow!

We had Dakoda 9 months after we moved to Florida, and the craziness of our life took off!! Landon was born 2 years later and both boys keep me running and exhausted! Then we moved across the country again trying to acquire a better teaching job and kiddo number 3 came along a few years later! As time allows we enjoy going to the beach, reading books, of course the playground, fishing, geocaching (GPS treasure hunt!! Check it out at http://www.geocaching.com/), couponing, my blog, and swimming!

I LOVE helping others better themselves and better their budget. I get a lot of joy from this blog and my coupon classes just by knowing that I’m helping out someone else make a difference. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this site or just let me know how much it is helping your family out!

I am PR friendly!! Want to boost sales or have me post an honest review of your product? Contact me to let me know what your needs are. I’d love to review your products, give them away, & spread the word so others can learn about your stuff!

So that’s a small tidbit about us!!

The Teacher’s Wife

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