Wise Money: The Town of Financial Literacy Game Review

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Wise Money: The Town of Financial Literacy is a team based game for 2-12 players geared towards ages 13 and up! This makes it a great game for an upper level classroom split in half as well! It is a great financial addition to hands on practice for teens. You can also check out our Beginner’s Tips to the Stock Market geared towards teen investments.

What is Wise Money?

Wise Money is an educational game that teaches kids (and adults) about real-world financial situations, and helps older kids learn how to make decisions as a team and discuss problems openly. It is a fantastic pre-cursor to your tween or teen going out into the “real world” by teaching them about financing, credit, identity protection, banking, payday, budgeting, investing, and so much more in the form of a challenging game!
To start the game the first player rolls the dice- both the one with colored dots and the numbered dice. Move your little guy whatever your number dice shows, then find the card that coordinates with the color on your circle colored dice. The team player on your right will draw the card and ask the question.
The different cards you may encounter are:
  • Financing and Credit

  • Budgeting and Payday

  • Banking and Investing

  • Situations

  • Financial Responsibility

  • Identity Protection

(See how the colors on the card are different for the different subjects?)
However if you land on a “Destina” place or a “Discovery” place then you should draw that card. If you answer the card correctly then you can advance to however many numbers the dice is showing. If you answer incorrectly the other team players will have a chance to get it right.
As you advance through the game there are a few more rules to make it slightly more complicated, but remember, this game is not for young kiddos! So what exactly will you learn while playing this game?
Check out a few questions/scenarios you may encounter on the cards I showed you above (Seriously- I did not know a lot of these!):
  • Name 2 deductions taken out of your paycheck.

  • What is FICA?

  • How often must major credit reporting companies offer you a free copy?

  • What does a liquid investment offer that other investments don’t?

  • Give 2 examples of low risk investment.

  • What do you do when your checking account is overdrawn?


Can your teenager answer all of these questions?

My opinion? This is a fantastic game! My husband & I had a great time challenging each other to see if we even knew the answers correctly! Many parents today (even many of our own parents!) do not take the time to teach their children these vital financial details to securing their financial future.
Playing this simple game will help bring up situations and questions that you may have never dreamed about asking your teenager! This is a fantastic educational tool to guard your child with the best information that you can to ensure that they will have financial stability and success.
You can buy your own copy of Wise Money at Destina Games! It is $34.95, and to me is a worthwhile investment to teach your children about wise money skills! They also offer opportunities to sponsor classrooms, as well as implementing a school fundraiser program!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I did receive a game to try. All opinions are my own.

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