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Apps on Your Cell Phone to Manage Your Health

New Year New You: Take Charge of Your Health

When I was younger, let’s say in my 20’s and younger, I never thought twice about my health. I figured I’d take care of all of that when I “got old”. Well let me tell you – I’m in my early 30’s and I’m starting to look at my health in a different way! I have friends my age with cancer, my children are getting older – I want to take the best care of myself that I can! Trust me when I saw it’s not as easy for me to keep up with running around with the kids as it was 9 years ago! Thank goodness for smartphones because it has really helped me take control and keep track of things while I’m on the go! My high-speed network and nationwide coverage from U.S. Cellular is a blessing!

And if you have a child that needs to keep track of medical information these are great tips too! Download this FREE customizable contract to sign with your kids as you lay down the ground rules.

These ideas are great for any smartphone, tablets, and wearable devices – but I use the Samsung S6 Edge. Keeping track goes beyond just counting calories or steps, although those are good ideas too. The apps that I use also chart and graph a variety of things which is very handy when I can easily pull up at a doctor’s appointment. I’m not alone! In a recent survey by U.S. Cellular 17% of smartphone users monitored their health with their device!

A few things you can use your smartphones and tablets to monitor:

*blood test results
*medication information
*accessing medical records

*glucose readings
*medical images
*even visit with a doctor!

Phone Apps to Help Keep Track of your Health

Apps to Help You Track Your Health:

  1. The Diabetes Tracker w/Blood Glucose/Carb Log – this app by MyNetDiary is a comprehensive app that helps individuals track and understand their diet in regards to diabetes. Track insulin, medication, and even set reminders for your medicine!
  2. Instant Heart Rate – I track my heart rate since I’ve always had an extremely rapid pulse and am concerned about it as I get older. Simply place your finger on your device’s camera and measure your heart rate! It records the data and you can add notes about your physical activity. Of course my S6 Edge has an instant heart rate checker build in.
  3. CareZone – Keep track of your medications, dosages, and schedules from the photo library! You can share this info with your doctor or a family member as well as store insurance information and appointment reminders.
  4. My Medical – This app goes one step further than just keeping track of medicines and appointments. You can also keep track of immunizations, blood pressure, cholesterol, emergency contacts, insurance and doctor information. Add your entire family’s information here! You can also find non-emergency medical advice.
  5. My Sugr Diabetes Logbook – Synchronizes your health data automatically via Bluetooth. Log your meals and view glucose graphs.
  6. Doctor on Demand – Visit with a board certified physician, psychologist, and other options from home! There is NO subscription fee – only $49 for a doctor visit!

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