When Blogging Becomes Too Much

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I know that many of you are not bloggers out there- but many
of you are…..and this post is for you! Blogging to me is a second (or third!)
job. It actually has a dual purpose for our family.  I initially started it to help other families
on lower incomes stretch their budget. But it has grown into even more than
that – it is also a way for our family to have amazing opportunities that we
would not otherwise have. In the past year I have experienced many wonderful
opportunities from movies, concerts, great new educational and fun games and
products, and even this great trip to Minnesota I just took last weekend that
would have never been possible without blogging. I have learned to love my
friends online, and it over joys me when I get emails from readers who are
thrilled to have learned a new way to save money, or found that special deal to
help their family because of my blog. 
So to me, part of blogging is a passion, and part of
blogging is a necessity- it has a dual purpose.
And I have strived to keep that at a good balance. But in all reality,
my family is most important. I am saddened when I see bloggers that can’t put
their phones and computers down long enough to spend the day at the zoo,
Disney, or wherever with their family. It’s OK to turn your phone off!!! It’s
OK not to be by your computer for a day or two for a break with your family-or
even a week! I am saddened when I see bloggers that accept so many product
reviews just because they are free- and then spend countless hours on their
computer away from their kids just because they couldn’t say no.  For some people blogging has become a true
addiction. Do you know how many times I’ve heard bloggers say most of the way
through the day “Well I guess I better get off the computer since the kids
haven’t seen me today…” Have a little integrity folks!
I stayed home to be with my children, and to make a better
life for us. There ARE times when I have to be on the computer, and blogging is
like a job for me to help make things stretch just a little bit further, but
nothing can compensate me enough for the precious time I get to spend with my children.
I do get busy with all of the work that needs to be done with my blog and many
times I have so many emails that my head spins, but I constantly try to remind
myself that there must be a balance. If you’re blogging and you find that you
are getting so overwhelmed with reviews that you are on the computer every
single afternoon instead of spending time with your kids-you need to take a
step back and check your priorities. If you are consistently losing sleep
because you are staying up till all hours of the night- you need to check your
priorities. If you take every opportunity that comes into your inbox just
because it’s free- you need to check your priorities.
This is just a little bit I’ve been thinking about. I hear
so many things from bloggers that sometimes I just want to shout “HEY WHAT ARE
YOU DOING??”! Blogging is a huge part of my life, and our family’s and I spend
a tremendous amount of time every day online working, but I encourage you to
keep it in perspective! Set boundaries for yourself and find that balance- it
will make you and your family happier!

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  1. sooooo true! I keep putting up posts on my blog apologising for being late announcing winners, or just not posting for a few days because I'm so busy with my kids this summer….blogging is like a job, but you are right, there has to be a balance.

  2. Jen@born2impress says:


  3. MaryEllen@TheDealScoop says:

    Yes! I want to reach through the screen and shake some people sometimes and tell them to wake up before their kids are grown! But then I have to go look in the mirror! Sometimes the best thing for me is to shut the computer all the way down, then I won't be tempted to hop on "just for a second" to check email or whatever and end up spending a good bit of time on there.

  4. Amy Watson says:

    Luckily, blogging is a fun hobby for me. I don't have to worry about accepting offers, but I don't get any!! Hahaha! I totally get what you are saying, though and a lot of bloggers need to hear your message.

  5. Nice post. I lose a lot of blogging momentum during the summer because we are away so much and I don't post consistently but it's worth it! Family first!

  6. Anne Patrone says:

    Amen, amen, amen. I can't agree with you more. I'm fast approaching the point where blogging is becoming like a second job (the first being a mom) and I am definitely cautious about how much I allow it to consume my life. There has to be, as with everything, limits.

    Excellent post.

  7. LeeAnn (The Life of Rylie...) says:

    Great post! You know that I totally agree with you!!! Blogging will NEVER come before my kids. Because I work full time, I only see my kids a few hours a day, and I very rarely get on the computer during those times. If I do, it is just for a minute to do something quick. I don't blog on the weekends either, generally, because I am spending every second I can with my children.

    My problem is that I neglect myself for the blog, and I am taking steps to remedy that. Because of the fact that I don't neglect my family for my blog, I only have a few hours a day to blog, and those hours are usually late at night. I stay up too late, and don't get enough sleep. THAT is what I need to fix.

    I am passionate about my blog, but you're right, sometimes it just becomes too much and we need to sit back and get our priorities straight. I can't stand it when people neglect their kids for their blog. All kids need quality time with their parents, regardless of their age. We need to spend as much time as we can with them, because before we know it, they will be all grown up. I refuse to let a blog interfere with that, and because of that, my blog will probably never be any bigger than it is. And guess what? That is FINE with me!

    Thanks for this post! I hope your message gets across.

  8. christina says:

    I'm here cuz of a tweet from LeeAnn and wow, I couldn't agree with you more! I don't do reviews or anything because I already have a full time job and while I do enjoy blogging about my Lovie, I enjoy actually doing things with her more. So I hear you on this. Loud and clear!

  9. Great post! You seem to do a great job with balancing family and blogging. Your blog posts are always helpful and informative, and your blog is one of the few that I still read (now that I have cut waaaaayyy back after re-evaluating my priorities!). TFS!

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