The Value Outside of the .com World: Digital Detox for Families

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I am in my 20’s and I remember as a kid having a TV, a “cell phone” that was attached into our vehicle that couldn’t come out, and as a teenager I remember getting a computer and an old Nintendo System from a pawn shop!
That was the extent of our household electronics. There was NO Facebook, no Twitter, no Google +, no MySpace, no YouTube – none of that was in existence in our household! What did we do??
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We made mud pits, we climbed on the rooftop, we went swimming, we painted our rooms, we made friends, we went to art classes, we took walks, we fed ducks, we had bug and rock collections – so many things that maybe not your children, but MANY children in America are missing out on. It’s amazing that I will see the “poorest” of families have the most expensive technology! I’m not kidding! And if you’ve worked as a teacher or in childcare you have probably seen this too!
Kids who are always talking about the newest game that came out, the newest movie showing, or the new phone their parents just got. Sometimes, I wish I could just unplug everything techy in my life and move far far away to wear little technology reaches. And that’s not just wishful thinking, I actually asked my husband a few years ago to move to another country and unplug for a few years! Of course he said no BUT it certainly would make the perfect vacation for me!
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I’m sad, you see, that kids today, and I’m even talking about myself – we don’t know how to do things without technology. We don’t know how to sew, bake, build a fire, set up a tent, ride a horse…….there are SO many things I feel like our culture is missing out on. And I’m not even that old! I WISH I knew someone who could teach me out to do new things and learn a new trade or hobby.
I wish that I could shut the computers off long enough to learn new hands-on activities….but then again I wouldn’t be running this blog would I? 🙂 I love seeing 4H programs at county fairs. Watching kids outside learning how to raise and make things themselves. Quilting competitions and other different hobbies.

Did you know that if you started college for the first time today that in two years everything related to technology that you learn will be outdated? You can’t even finish school anymore and be current with technology! It’s crazy! I completely agree and understand that technology is a VERY important part in life nowadays – it has brought us cures for so many diseases and truly made life easier, BUT it isn’t all of what life is about either. Life is MORE than what’s behind a “.com”! 
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When you go out with your family and friends – for goodness sake turn off your phones and social media pages! Actually have a real conversation that doesn’t involve shorthand texting! Don’t let your kids grow up thinking the computer or phone is more important than they are!
Outside of the “.com” world is where I learned who I was, where I learned to make friends, where I learned to love, forgive and create. Help your children and students learn the value of technology as well as the value of life without it!

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